New Prevention Specialist Brings Different View To Position

Todd Cornell
Todd Cornell

The Johnson County Community Resource Center's new Community Prevention Professional, Todd Cornell, was officially introduced to some community members at last week's Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition meeting.

He has been in Buffalo for the last couple of weeks, getting to know the community and those who live here.

Cornell was born in Ft. Collins, Colorado but has family ties to Lusk, Wyoming and he said he loves the mountains here and feels at home in Wyoming.
Growing up he always knew he wanted to travel and learn another language and culture, which he has accomplished.

He shared some of his life and experiences through a power point presentation at last week's meeting, where his more than 20 years traveling the world were highlighted.

Cornell spent much of those 20 years in China, but has also visited Mongolia, Siberia, New Zealand and many other parts of Asia.

The experiences and culture have shaped him and his approach to life and life's challenges that give him a different, albeit fresh (to the Western mind anyway) perspective in helping others identify and deal with issues.

When asked how he hopes to help those in the community through his new position, he explained.

Todd Cornell can be reached at the Johnson County Community Resource Center at 684-7933, or on his cell at 620-9995 or by e-mail at

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