Buffalo Police Chief Gives Report To City Council

Buffalo Police Chief Jason Carder
Buffalo Police Chief Jason Carder

Buffalo Police Chief Jason Carder gave his report to the city council at their meeting last week, saying the department had responded to 1,223 incidents during July. Of those, seven were child abuse or neglect cases.

He reported 224 traffic stops and a number of parking violation tickets were issued, as well as verbal warnings given.

Buffalo's two newest officers, Brice and Kyle Johnson, will each be going through the Police Academy in Douglas. Carder gave an update on the two officers.

Kyle Johnson will be challenging the course to become certified as a police officer sooner without having to attend the full academy training.

Officers have been investigating a new form of “spice” or synthetic marijuana that has shown up in Buffalo recently, according to Carder.

Carder also said dispatch had received 10 REDDI (Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately) reports during the month.

And seven calls from county residents came in for the Animal Control Officer (ACO) during July, which the county will reimburse the city for.

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