SAWS Board Approves Water Use Agreement With Sheridan County School District One

The Sheridan Area Water Supply Joint Powers Board approved the water service agreement with Sheridan County School District 1 for use at the Big Horn School complex that is under construction.

The school will receive a 2-inch tap and that will put them in the highest usage tier for water rates. As part of the agreement, the school stated its intentions to use the water for landscape irrigation. Board Member Terry Cram was concerned about the amount of water that may be used.

The agreement was modified before approval and the original language placed a cap on water use by the District. When that passage was removed, District 1 Superintendent Sue Belish said the water rates for large users will encourage conservation measures at the school.

Eye Care of the Big Horns
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Saws water is drinking

Saws water is drinking water.It's not irrigation water.And should not be used as such.