Buffalo Council OK's Parking Ordinance, Will Add Signage

Buffalo Council OK's Parking Ordinance, Will Add Signage

At their meeting Tuesday evening, the Buffalo City Council approved on second reading Ordinance No. 1354, pertaining to offenses stemming from parking downtown.

Business owner James Eklund commented that he hoped the council would revise the section banning parking on Main Street downtown between 2am and 5am, saying it actually promotes drinking and driving. He also said the original reason for the parking ban was to keep vehicles off the street for snow removal and for street cleaning, but was unnecessary the rest of the time.

Mayor Randy Dyess agreed and made a suggestion for the council's consideration.

The council approved the Ordinance on second reading and also approved changing the signs downtown as suggested by the Mayor.

The council also approved Ordinances 1355 and 1356 on second reading with no comments from the council or the public.

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