Sheridan's New Year's Resolutions

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New Year's Day...a time of reflection, but also a time to look forward to a new year and the changes we want to make. What New Year's Resolutions do the folks in Sheridan want to make?

Richard White was born in Sheridan many years ago. No resolutions for Richard, just one goal each day.

And one goal each month by way of Social Security.

That's pretty easy. Take a walk each day and wait for your monthly check.

Stacey Ragan was working at J.C.Penny's and had this resolution in mind.

To quit smoking and getting in shape seemed to be the consensus for the people of Sheridan.

Phillip Arellano was sitting in his truck at Kendrick Park, cigarette in hand, flicking ashes on the ground. When asked about his change for the new year, he thought about it and after one long drag and one more long drag, blowing smoke out the window
he said.

One day!!?? What about today?

Now, that's a true friend.

Jake Kethman was another one of those folks that want to quit smoking, but Jake has his own reason
for quitting.

His a lot of sunflower seeds.

Alec Adell was headed down Main on a dead run. When stopped he had this to say about his New Year's Resolution.

Other folks had more noble resolutions. Holden Haler had this to say.

And just what does that mean?

Phillip Freeman had this to say about the new year.

Got to give the man credit; he's willing to work.

B.W. Fahrner was out taking a walk with his clan. He
introduces them.

Three dogs and a wife. Sure sounds like Wyoming. He shares his resolution for a new year.

With predictions that in 2012 the world is coming to an end or aliens are going to land or that even Yellowstone is going to blow sky high, the folks in Sheridan have some pretty good goals.

What are yours?

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