G&F Urges Motorists: Be Deer Aware

G&F wants motorists to be "deer aware" while driving.
G&F wants motorists to be "deer aware" while driving.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Regional Office in Sheridan has received many phone calls recently of injured deer near roadways. While avoiding deer altogether is certainly impossible around the region, G&F Information Specialist Warren Mischke says there are some tips that motorists can follow to decrease their chances of having an accident.

Mischke said that motorists should remember that if they see one deer, there are most likely more that are nearby. As far as what to do if you happen to spot an injured deer in the road?

The number for the Sheridan Regional Office is 307-672-7418, or you can call the stop poaching line at 1-877-WGFD-TIP.

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