NWCCD Prepares For Accreditation Visit--Part 2

NWCCD Prepares For Accreditation Visit--Part 2

Yesterday, we discussed Northern Wyoming Community College District's preparation for their accreditation “checkup” visit, which will be in late November.

Being a member of the alternative accreditation program called AQIP, the three members of NWCCD, which are Sheridan, Gillette and Buffalo Colleges, must “self reflect” on both their strengths and weaknesses. Sheridan College President, Paul Young:

And on the other side, a suit-clad Young tells Sheridan Media's Betsy Love:

Young says that one of the big shifts in the accreditation process is the federal government's greater emphasis on accountability these days:

You can view the college portfolio, as well as the reviewer's comments, by visiting the Sheridan or Gillette College website http://sheridan.edu and clicking on the section, “about us.”

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