You Say "Toe-Maht-Toe," I Say "Toe-Mate-Oh"; You Say "Zowse," I Say...

You Better Get My Name Right Or....
You Better Get My Name Right Or....

Students in Sheridan College's Video Production Club learn to run video cameras and produce live TV shows--but that's not all--they also have frequent discussions on etymology. Sheridan Media's Betsy Love has the story

When you think about a college film club, "platform for debating word origins" is probably not your first association:

That's Pavlina--we will get to her last name in a moment--a Sheridan College student from the Czech Republic.

Pavlina is co-host on one of the club's bi-monthly TV shows, Snap!, Snap! is a kind of mongrel, info-comedy-variety show that highlights campus events and news. This week, she reviewed the movie Clash of The Titans, inadvertently spurring a Clash of The Dictions--another battle we will return to, after hearing why Pavlina joined the club:

The other Snap! host is Nate Lawson, who is also currently president of the video production club. Although Nate is a professional photographer, he says he has picked up a thing-or-two since joining the club last year:

Now lets return to the latest linguistic lesson sparked by Snap!: the Zeus-Zouse controversy. To most of you currently listening, the answer may seem simple--unless you're talking about a "Synonym for home" or "type of rodent" and not "the most powerful ancient Greek god," it is "Zeus"--right?

Checking the web for other pronunciations, it seems Pavlina might have a point. Here is what one site gives as samples of the French, Spanish and German pronunciations:

However, the Greeks have a slightly different way of pronouncing the god that they named:

Oh and and one last thing. In case you are wondering, Pavlina does have a last name, though not quite as easy to pronounce as "Zouse" or "Zefts":

Snap! can be viewed on Sheridan College Public TV, Channel 15 on Wednesdays.

CORRECTION: Sheridan College Public TV is located on Channel 14.

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