Wyoming's Education Legislation: Fact Based?

Wyoming Senate President Jim Anderson recently said “education” was the “biggest social issue on the calendar” for Wyoming's current legislative session. Many bills currently careening through the legislature are ostensibly designed to improve both primary and secondary education in Wyoming. However, in some cases, that may mean more state-wide standardization, less local control, and dubious results. At least, that was a sentiment expressed during the annual joint board meeting between Sheridan County School District 2 and Northern Wyoming Community College District Monday night. Dr. Jon Connolly, VP of Academic Affairs at Sheridan College, says a problem with the way legislation is currently being developed, is intrinsically complex issues are being over-simplified. And he says by doing that, “they are going to get it wrong”:

In addition, he says particular bills “seem to be driven by personalities, instead of real problems that may or may not be there”:

As a result, he says:

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