Wyoming Wildlife Federation Feels Wildlife Would Benefit From Balanced Approach In Energy Development

The debate is heating up as the oil and gas trade associations and the Obama Administration continue to debate new rules to govern energy development on public lands proposed by the Department of Interior earlier this year. Wyoming Wildlife Federation Executive Director Walt Gasson feels that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s common-sense approach is needed to allow for both energy development and wildlife conservation.

Sheridan County Commissioner Terry Cram is also concerned about the effects of energy development on wildlife in northern Wyoming, where he worked as a game warden for nearly 30 years. Cram has seen how coal bed methane development and has changed the landscape there, and says energy needs should be balanced with protection of the state’s hunting heritage.

The Department of Interior says its new rules for oil and gas development are designed to restore balance and increase certainty for the industry. In recent years, the acreage offered for oil and gas development has far exceeded the oil and gas industry’s demand. Onshore in 2009, the Bureau of Land Management offered 3.8 million acres for oil and gas production, but industry bid on only 1.8 million acres.

Way to take a stance after

Way to take a stance after the damage is already done.Where were all these stewards of land in 1999 when all this methane garbage started.Not to mention Methane funds have funneled in millions of dollars to sheridan county,of which Cram and his fellow chronies have wasted on giving developers breaks in the name affordable housing.Which has done anything but produce affordable housing and done everything to line developers pockets.

Pretty hard to believe anything Cram says,when he and the rest of the county commissioners have stood back and allowed countless subdivisions and city annexations of county lands to occur,without saying a word or doing anything within their power to stop it.Nothing but typical politician lip service and rhetoric.


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