Senator Wants President To Feel Pinch

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Sen. Mike Enzi
Sen. Mike Enzi

According to a release from Wyoming's Senator Mike Enzi's office, the Senate majority voted 54 to 46 to reject a House-approved funding resolution Monday that would have prevented the shutdown of the U.S. government for the first time in 17 years.

The House bill would have funded the government until December 15 and delayed the individual mandate in the president's health care law for one year. According to Enzi's office, the bill also included the senator's amendment that would require all members of Congress, staff, the president, vice president and political appointees to be insured through the new government exchanges.

Also on Monday, the senator called on the House and Senate to pass a continuing resolution including his amendment to ensure that Washington falls under the same laws as the rest of America.

Enzi said in the release he's trying to take every step possible to fix the problem so that Congress must live under the same laws as everyone else. That's why the amendment included the president, vice president and appointees of the president.

“They ought to feel the same pain as America,” said Enzi. “I can't believe the president wouldn't want to be under a law that has his name on it.”

The federal government will remain partially shut down until an agreement can be reached. Enzi said he plans to focus on ending the shutdown, but will continue to support the de-funding of the president’s health care law and he will not support overspending.

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