Wyoming Ranked Among Worst in Driver Safety Laws

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - Wyoming is ranked the fourth worst state for driver safety laws by a national advocacy group.

The Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety says Wyoming gets credit for only 5.5 laws when it comes to the 15 laws the group considers essential for promoting roadway safety.

The group says the state could improve if it approved such measures as a primary enforcement seat belt law, beefed up impaired driving laws, required all motorcycle riders to wear a helmet, approved text messaging restrictions, and added laws intended to reduce traffic deaths among teens.

Republican Senator Tony Ross of Cheyenne says legislation is coming to strengthen the state's impaired driving laws. The advocacy group says there were 159 motor vehicle fatalities in Wyoming in 2008.

States scoring lower than Wyoming were South Dakota, Arizona and North Dakota.

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Personaly I'd rather be free than safe. I can understand the need for impaird driving laws and speen limits, but seat belts and helmets are clearly a personal choice and none of the governments business.

Yes,with a little help your

Yes,with a little help your state legislators will continue to infringe on your constitutional rights,in the so called name of safety. There's this thing that's called self incrimination,it really frustrates these politician losers in their effort to take away all your rights with new DUI laws.

Of the 159 deaths how many were alcohol related? Typical rhetoric from liberal law makers who'll try run as much slant on an issue as possible to justify their cause.

How silly

It's not the number of laws that improve the safety of the public. Show the per-capita statistics of driver safety on the roads. Increasing laws for highway use will certainly increase revenue, but improve safety? Not so much.


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