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CHEYENNE _ Wyoming legislative leaders began an eight-week session Tuesday by hinting they will insist less on cutting spending than they have in recent years. Recent cuts include $400 million in state spending and reducing the state workforce to the smallest number in a decade, House Speaker Steve Harshman, R-Casper, pointed out in opening remarks to his chamber. Adjusted for inflation, the general fund is down 3 percent a year over a dozen years, he added.


WASHINGTON — Clayvin Herrera wound up with a fine of more than $8,000 for hunting elk in Wyoming's Bighorn National Forest after he posted photos online of his kill, showing off the way showing off often happens these days. The Crow tribe member's defense, however, in a case that has gotten all the way to the Supreme Court, is more than 150 years old: a treaty his tribe signed with the federal government in 1868.


ODESSA, Texas _ The deeper you get into the medical profession, says Dr. Matthew Brian Furst, the more apparent it becomes that it is a life like no other. The Odessa American reports the rewards are supreme and the stresses excruciating and you mustn't be too enamored of the former or caught up in the latter, says Furst, the latest in a line of physicians dating to the 19th century. Furst said it's important for a doctor to have a hobby as a stress-reliever. He fly-fishes near Las Vegas, New Mexico, and has "shot" elk and bear in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

WYOMING LOTTERY _ The Wyoming Lottery has made a record $2.8 million payment to local counties, cities and towns across the state.

GAME LICENSES _ A new subsistence-hunting advocacy organization says changes are needed in how Wyoming Game and Fish commissioners hand out complimentary licenses.

TAXES-EDUCATION _ A proposed measure before the Wyoming Legislature would increase taxes for all property in the state to help fund public schools.


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