Wyoming Legislators Weigh In On Kennedy Death

The death of U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy will have an affect on those far outside his home state of Massachusetts. Wyoming’s senators expressed their feelings about the senator upon learning of his passing. Wyoming Senator John Barrasso says he will never forget the warm welcome Senator Kennedy gave him when he was first sworn in. Though they didn’t share political views, Barrasso says Kennedy was a gracious man with deeply held principles.

Senator Mike Enzi had a much longer relationship with Kennedy.

Kennedy once said that he could define bipartisanship in two words. Those words were, “Mike Enzi.”

Kennedy passed away Tuesday night at his home in Cape Cod. He had battled brain cancer for over a year.

Carrol Realty
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Although I don't care for the senators politics, or his past infatuation with my guns I think he was decent person and feel sadness for his family. Having said that six soldiers have been killed overseas in the past few days and they're just a blip on the news. Perhaps if we had a draft and people like the Kennedy's, Clinton's, Cheney's, and Bush's were getting killed in these ^*^% holes the leadership of this country would find the ability to end the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.


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