Wyoming Legislators Call On Freudenthal To Add Wyoming To Health Care Challenge

Speaker of the House Colin Simpson, along with Senate President John Hines and legislators from both the Wyoming House and Senate, called on Governor Dave Freudenthal Wednesday to direct Attorney General Bruce Salzburg to take all necessary action to add Wyoming to the legal challenge of the recently enacted federal health reform bill.

In the letter, House Speaker Colin Simpson stated that the bill is a clear overreach of the federal government beyond its constitutionally enumerated powers that must be challenged. Simpson went on to say that the unfunded mandates in this bill are staggering and that the new requirements on Wyoming's budget to carry out the implementation of the bill will be very significant. 

Attorneys General from Florida, South Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Washington and neighboring states Idaho, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah and South Dakota filed suit to challenge the health reform law on Tuesday in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida.

They can try to make me buy

They can try to make me buy insurance, but they'll have to kill me first.

I wonder where these guys

I wonder where these guys were to challenge the federal government in past years on issues like the 55 speed limit, 21 drinking age, no child left behind, Blood alchol mandates, and real ID? I'm all for getting the federal government off our backs.....Better late then never welcome aboard!

To I wonder

I'm curious. You haven't lived in Wyoming very long or you are under 30 years of age.
Am I correct?


Sadly I am 40 years of age, happily I have been here for 30 years with the exception of the time I spent in the army. My point stands that in the past Wyoming has complied with federal mandates like the 55 speed limit, 21 drinking age, real ID, and no child left behind.


Yes. America would be a safer place if we could all drive around drunk at unlimited speeds. Heck, now that I think about it... Who needs a drivers license, either!

Drunk driving laws were and

Drunk driving laws were and still are in place. A passenger drinking a beer does not make the driver drunk, so the open container law is unnecessary, since a driver is held accountable for driving drunk via the necessary DUI law. Redundant double jeopardy laws are not a good thing.

Agreed. Government behavior

Agreed. Government behavior over the years (i.e. unnecessary infringement upon my liberty) has made me dislike government and many of the people who blindly follow and support the tyranny.


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