Wyoming Lawmakers Say They're Pleased With Session

CHEYENNE, (AP) - Wyoming lawmakers have wrapped up the
legislative session. Lawmakers say they were successful in crafting a responsible state budget. The $2.9 billion budget goes into effect in July and will last for two years.

Lower energy revenues left Wyoming with roughly $1 billion less to spend in this budget cycle than it had two years ago. There was little argument among legislators in this session that the state needed to hold onto its cash reserves in case the economy gets even worse.

Lawmakers also point to social bills ranging from tightening criminal laws on drunk driving and sex offenders to imposing the nation's first excise tax on the generation of wind energy.

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As long as Bruce Burns is

As long as Bruce Burns is doing a free Fireworks show,you'll never see the sheeple of sheridan get rid of him.

I'll be pleased when these lawmakers are gone.

I'm glad that they're happy with the session. I hope that it will be their last. Wyoming had the opportunity to finally have a concealed carry law fitting with the founding fathers vision of what is supposed to be our Right. Sheridan's legislators had other plans though and saw to it that HB113 didn't see the light of day.
Even though they admittedly had more constituents contact them promoting this bill than on any other bill Rosie Berger, Bruce Burns, Jack Landon, and John Patton all came out against it.
I think it would only be fitting if the constituents came out against these four in the polls next election! There is no excuse for our legislators not supporting our freedom and our rights.


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