Wyoming Judge Rules In Favor Of Public River Access

CHEYENNE, (AP) - A district judge says a popular public fishing access site on the North Platte River will remain open. Casper-based Judge David Park on Monday ruled against area landowners who argued that a recreation easement the state purchased in the 1960s for the Lusby Public Fishing Area didn't entitle the public to reach the river.

The area about 20 miles southwest of Casper provides a takeout site for boaters who make the 8-mile float down from Gray Reef Reservoir. Other access to the trout-fishing destination is limited because the river is largely bordered by private land. The landowners had said the easement only entitled the public to enter a strip of land starting at the river's high water mark and extending back 100 feet away from the river.

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property rights

I'm all for property rights, but am very happy to see a ruling like this. All to often rich out of staters come in here and buy a bunch of land that surrounds state lands, and lock the rest of us out. As far as I am concerned the state should guarantee access to public lands, going so far as to build a state roads leading to land locked public parcels if that's what it takes. People need to get involved in this state, for far too long we have let a rich oligarchy run rough shod over the vast majority of people in this state.


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