Wyoming jailers find possible synthetic marijuana

Authorities in Gillette say a large amount
of what appears to be synthetic marijuana has been seized from
inmates who were fighting at the Volunteers of America correctional facility, a halfway house for low-risk inmates.
Jail guards say they found 16 Ziploc bags of Spice while booking the five inmates into jail.
Spice is a legal herb sold in smoke shops and convenience stores, but investigators believe the confiscated Spice was spiked with THC, a chemical found in marijuana.
Campbell County Undersheriff Scott Matheny says the seized herbs are being sent to the state crime lab for analysis.
Investigators say the five men were fighting over the synthetic marijuana.

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Oh Jones, you strike again

Oh Jones, you strike again and you still have no clue what you are talking about.

Unfortunately, not all juries make the right decisions. The important thing is that the head shop owner got to see how justice is served in the federal system. What happened? The drug-dealing head shop owner lost.

A lot of communities could stand to learn from law enforcement in Gillette. Our new chief will be missed over there as he was very highly regarded by the community.

You See!

You see if it was legal you woudn't have fights, you would only have revenue, you would need volunteers of americaa because they would have to getting out of a half way house!

spiked with THC?? hell no

spiked with THC?? hell no they use this so they dont get the THC in their systems while on probation. This spice is legal and why make a big deal of it. Oh MY GOD we found fake weed lets try to say its spiked so we can throw these hippies in jail!! WYOMINGGETALIFE

The other term for this is

The other term for this is called K2. It was developed in a chem lab a while ago and it was just banned in Kansas. This stuff has not been studied by the FDA so there are no real known health concerns, and it has not been "spiked" with THC.

I appreciate that you want to present news, but please research the topic before publishing it. It really hurts credibility.


Let's get this out of the way before any comments are made on this. This news blurb comes directly from a Gillette News-Record article which is factually incorrect.

"Spice" is illegal in the State of Wyoming. It is a bunch of smoking herbs which has been sprayed with a synthetic THC compound called HU-210. HU-210 is a controlled substance under federal and Wyoming law.

There has been a bunch of confusion in the state the last few months as this problem has grown as to whether or not this stuff is illegal. At the end of January, the Wyoming Attorney General's Office determined that spice is illegal.

Unfortunately, it appears that word got out slowly to law enforcement agencies. There is no field testing kit to verify the HU-210 compound, so apparently the sheriff's office in Gillette is afraid to enforce the law which is unfortunate.

Gillette is where Adriaens

Gillette is where Adriaens and his department got spanked by a Jury dealing with the rights of a Head Shop to sell bongs.Of course Adriaens doesn't like the rights afforded by a jury of your peers.

I'd put little faith in Gillettes ability to enforce anything properly.Although gillette is undoubtedly a better place without Adriaens.


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