Wyoming Highway's Are Becoming Quite Popular For Drug Couriers

Wyoming roadways continue to be utilized by illegal drug couriers who are moving their product from the west coast to points east.
State Troopers have made three felony marijuana seizures in the last three weeks that have resulted in multiple arrests.

Wyoming Highway Patrol Sergeant Stephen Townsend explains where the arrests took place and where the drugs were headed.

Townsend says it can be very frustrating for law enforcement to try to get a handle on the problem.

Townsend said that while Interstate 80 may be the most popular route for drug couriers, they have seen I-25 and I-90 used for the same illegal activity. All three of the recent seizures remain under investigation. The Highway Patrol is being assisted by Special Agents from the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation.

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Oh My the Gateway!

Hey nieeve! So is alchol so is asprin! It all depends on how your parents present it to you! People in Europe arn't freaked about alcohol or nudity or mj! Why because they are around it all there lives instead of freakin on it they accept it. Teach there kids to respect it and it's not a problem. In the US everythying is taboo so the kids think they have to have it and the result is just what we have in this country a bunch of over abusing kids who are trying to find out what there parents are trying to keep from them. Education and moderation not ignorance and over protection!

reply to POT USER

Here Here to legalize it! I agree 100% I've gained weight have high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, ED! etc but they will fill my perscription once a week or month for $150.00 without even saying thank you! If MJ was legal I could stop all this other crap that has way more complecations associated with such as liver disease,kidney stones and total addiction. Even Tiger is admitting to pain killer addiction! Why not allow a little natural herb to stop the pain, anxiety and depression brought on by the Republican party and there ideology thrown on us by Cheney and Bush.I have self medicated since 1976 and have a full time job and a master degree, work everyday and have far fewer problems than the alcohol and prescription users and abusers I am social with. Wake up TAX it and put real criminals behind bars!


hello.. pot is the gateway to all of the other drugs. grow up people!

if pot is a gateway drug, so

if pot is a gateway drug, so are cigarettes and anything else in your moms medicine cabinet....there is nothing wrong with pot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I for one am not a marijuana

I for one am not a marijuana user nor do I support making it legal. That said I also do not support "Gateway Drug", propaganda,


Yes there are studies, that go both ways but I generally focus on ones that have some scientific creditability.

grow up?

They can't grow up, they're all too high. God forbid there be any children in those people's families.

Legalize My medical marijuana

OK what is up with me having to take all these pills for chronic back pain i still my dads pain killers cause i broke my tale bone. Oh and i take meds for depression. They can cause one for pain killers i can get addicted then my depression pills can give me liver, weight problems which it has i weighted 220 when i was smoking Marijuana now taking the pills i weight 330 also they can cause kidney problems like kidney stones. I just might move to Colorado so long to my family.

exactly our point...

Have you read and proofread your comment. You've proven our point about drugs exactly. LOL....there's a thing on your computer called spellcheck you know. It's been proven time and time again that Marijuana and other "recreational drugs" kill brain cells, and if we didn't believe it before, then listening to and reading comments from people (users) like you has brought the proof to light. Bravo

just because someone

just because someone mis-spells something doesnt make them an idiot...maybe you should smoke a joint and chill out!


Anonymous, my point exactly!

Pot user?

After reading your comment, are you currently using pot or have you used it much in the past? Have you noticed any side affects of it?

Legal Beagle

50 miles farther North and it would be legal! 400 miles South and it would be legal! Of course this is for medical use only ( HA HA HA) Our New State Motto: Wyoming- Were Almost Square!

Why not hit them harder?

Why not increase the amount of the fine? They are after money, the big dealers are making big money. No sense in filling the jails with the little dealers but there is also NO SENSE in handing out little fines! Bankrupt them.

Legalize it

I agree! Marijuana needs to be legalized and the cops need to stop filling the jails with pot heads. It's a HARMLESS drug! Like they said go after the harder drugs. Legalize pot now! :)

Leagalize it???

I'm sorry but there has never been a "harmless drug" man made created nor found in nature. Every drug has a side effect...even the herbal ones. I have a family member who was placed into the juvenile drug treatment circulation because he, too, thought that marijuana was a "harmless drug". He found out the hard way that, just like any other form of intoxication, your driving ablities and reaction time are significantly slowed due to the drug. Doesn't Wyoming have enough traffic fatalities as it is, or do you think (quite obviously by your comment of nonchalance) that we need thousands more deaths on our streets and highways. If you legalize marijuana, then you sentence each and every person behind the wheel to death by your own admission. You must really hate humanity.

This is rediculous. The

This is rediculous.

The interstate and highways will ALWAYS be a way of travel for couriers.

There is more drug activity going on in this world than you think. Im not saying im involved but...

We are LOSING the war on marijuana and always will be.

Why not legalize weed and concentrate on harsher drugs like amphethamines, heroin, and cocaine?


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