Wyoming Going Google

An announcement came out this week that within a year, all Wyoming state agencies will be on a Google-based email system. The State's Chief Information Officer, Bob Von Wolffradt, says that “the change to one email system will make communications better, faster and cheaper.” He adds that “moving to one system for office technologies, including email, email encryption and security, instant messaging, groups, sites, calendar and video, will enable all state employees to easily communicate with each other, something that is not possible now.” 
Von Wolffradt that “The economic impacts of migrating to a single system will result in $1 million of indirect savings annually, based on the 15 agencies not needing to own servers, licensing, and maintenance contracts or provide dedicated staff to manage the system internally.”
Under a contract with Tempus Nova, the State of Wyoming will pay $5 million dollars to migrate e-mail systems to Google’s hosted email, security, e-discovery, encryption, and archive services and transition some 10,000 email accounts to the new services over the coming year.
Von Wolffradt says “Google is a good fit for the State because the company has proven its ability to provide critical business services, federal security certification, state-of-the-art employee tools and reduce costs while improving services.”

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Both Google an Yahoo offer

Both Google an Yahoo offer enterprise email packages that are not subject to the same data mining you would see in the general public package..It's a good fit and will save a lot of money.

I'm not sure I'm comfortable

I'm not sure I'm comfortable with the state using google mail, aren't there some issues with google data mining their mail service?

Yes, along with virtually

Yes, along with virtually every other free and public internet service provider (Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.). The reason this is done is so advertisements and links are tailored to a specific user and therefore apt to result in potentially higher sales revenue. If you use an e-mail service for which you pay, such as the State of Wyoming will be doing, then it is a secure system and your concerns would not apply.


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