Wyoming Game and Fish Brings Four Hunting Violation Cases to Circuit Court

The majority of the Monday morning session in Sheridan County Circuit Court focused on four separate Game and Fish cases.

The first involved Larry S. Richards who failed to tag a bull elk and made a false statement regarding game he had taken. He was fined $250 plus $30 court costs on each count. Judge John Sampson suspended $100 from each sentence for a total of a $360 fine, as well as revoking Richards' hunting and fishing privileges for one full year.

The next three cases all had to do with the defendants making false oaths on their residency registrations. Conlin P. Parrot was fined $250 plus $30 court costs for false oath. Mr. Parrott had lived in Wyoming for about 15 months when he bought a WY license; however, he also held a Montana license during a portion of that time.

Logan B. Matteson received the same fine for a similar violation. While both men moved here from Montana, neither appeared to be associated with the other. The charge for both is considered a High Misdemeanor, which could have potentially found them fined up to $10,000 and sentenced to jail time. Judge Sampson determined that neither man intentionally set out to break the law.

Such was not the case, however, with Cory E. Tasler, who was charged with five counts of making false statements of residency on four deer licenses and one fishing license; and one count of accessory after the fact in taking a mule deer out of season. Game and Fish officials testified that Tasler, who moved here from Minnesota, had applied for Minnesota residency licenses in '06, '07 and '08 while at the same time applying for Wyoming residency licenses in '07, '08 and '09. Tasler must pay $1,980 in fines for the six charges, $2,000 in restitution to the Wyoming Game and Fish, and has had his hunting and fishing privileges suspended for six years.

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This is common.

This 'false affidavit' is pretty common in Wyoming. I had the privilege of hearing an account of this first-hand. While elk hunting, a Game Warden stopped by our camp. While he was there, another Warden had called in a hunting license to check the address verification. When the dispatcher called the residence to verify the name, they were told that nobody by that name had ever lived at that residence. It turns out that a nonresident had put a random address on the hunting license. It would be good if the Game and Fish could come up with a system that could quickly and effectively verify name/address on hunting and fishing licenses. I can remember when Terry Cleveland was in his early stage of being a Game Warden. He was very good at catching these imposter's that were illegally using the resident status. My hat is off to all Game and Fish personnel.


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