Wyoming Fish And Game Ponders Beetle Problems

POWELL, Wyo. (AP) - The Wyoming Game and Fish Department says infestations of mountain pine beetles could force the agency to alter management strategies due to habitat changes when swaths of forests are killed.
In a recent report the agency says hunting opportunities in some areas could be reduced with the loss of trees, hurting the local economy.The report says hunting pressure could increase in areas free of beetles.
The agency also says population objectives for some game species might have to be changed if areas are hit with pine beetles. The report says fallen trees could make access to some areas difficult, but that trees in rivers could provide cover for trout.

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Just waiting for the BURN!

Tree huggers and meat eaters beware! At the rate the beetles are chewing up the East Slope of the Bighorns it won't be long till you get your wish! The observant can see the rust red swath moving up the face at an alarming rate. All it will take is Chevy Chase and the family truckster going up 14, tossing out a lit cigarette and everybody will get there wish! What should we do? Log the face or wait till it burns? One look at the Little Goose section of the mountain and my choice is clear. Log it or loose it!
ps. I never thought i'd ever say that!

Uh hello ppl

He's right....why do you think that it took so long to put out the Little Goose fire???? Because of all the bug kill it had plenty of fuel!! If it isn't removed and soon, the next lightning strike will start a fire even bigger than the last....which do I have to remind you all caused a near evacuation of Big Horn????? Wake up!!! All we're looking at as "habitat" is nothing more than standing firewood...and when it does go up in flames there's going to be a lot more damage done than logging a few trees here and there to keep the area a little more fire resistant and the homes up there safe...not to mention give the loggers and log truck drivers around here a few hours on a very small paycheck.

J. S. Luckjohn

Burn it.

Burn everything!! Keep burning the foest like it was naturally intended. Your role of saviour is over. Let nature take its course and reburn the areas you have protected due to money or whatever.!

I used to sit in the basement and listen to all the pine beetles chomp away at my fuel for the winter. Mt life maintaintd a balance of the bugs.
Far to many of you are thinking too much!!

Just let life go and witness the perfection. There is always balance.

I repeat, :There is always balance.:
Enjoy the ham for once!

Let it burn?

So you are recommending to "let it burn"? Are you saying to "let it burn" until it burns itself out? Do you remember the "let it burn" policy in Yellowstone a few decades back?

We need to log it!

I found this while reading about the beetle kill going on in Colorado and Wyoming. The University of Michigan did a study and found dead and decaying timber produces more CARBON than the burning of fossil fuels. The Biodiversity Conservation Alliance in Laramie, WY has had an antilogging agenda for several decades and has been very instrumental in getting several timber sales cancelled and stopped. Now we have widespread beetle killed areas in both Wyoming and Colorado, to the point that our government intends to use taxpayer provided stimulus funds to try and control this damage. Our government is also spending a very large part of this stimulus money in order to fight climate change, reduce the use of fossil fuels, and promote clean energy. The findings by the University of Michigan, along with other scientific findings, would tend to support the logging of our badly damaged forests which would significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the decaying timber and possible forest fires fueled by the dead timber, improve our global warming situation, put thousands of Americans back to work, improve our local economies, and reduce our dependence on imported forest products.


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