Wyoming Distemper Cases on the Rise

Dog and Cat Shelter of Sheridan Executive Director Cel Hope
Dog and Cat Shelter of Sheridan Executive Director Cel Hope

Earlier this week the Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory and the Wyoming Livestock Board wrapped up an investigation of canine distemper in newly purchased puppies. The outbreak occurred between late August and early October, and affected dogs in Cheyenne, Laramie, Casper and Douglas. Those dogs were purchased in pet stores in Cheyenne and Casper.

Distemper has had its effect on Sheridan County as well, as the canines at the Dog and Cat Shelter in Sheridan were quarantined for six weeks due to a mandatory incubation period. The distemper was brought into the Shelter by a couple of puppies that were abandoned on Decker Road. Shelter Executive Director Cel Hope says that it's really pretty simple to safeguard your pets against distemper.

Hope indicated that one of the biggest contributing factors in the spread of distemper are pet stores.

Hope added that any of the local veterinary clinics can vaccinate against distemper, and that the shots for the most part are relatively inexpensive.

Distemper is a viral infection that usually results in death of the canine.

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We took a puppy home from the shelter shortly before the quarantine. Unfortunately she died within 2 weeks of our bringing her home diagnosed with distemper. It was really upsetting that the pet insurance we were solicited by the shelter to purchase nor the shelter could cover the cost. Though the vet wrote off much of the cost we were still stuck with a $900.00 bill.


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