Wyoming Disputes Lack Of Good Faith Over Wolves

CHEYENNE, (AP) - Wyoming is disputing federal claims that the state's plans for managing wolves wouldn't ensure a viable minimum population of the animals. The state on Friday filed what could be its last brief in a lawsuit over wolves before the case goes before U.S. District Judge Alan Johnson in Cheyenne January 29th.

Wyoming sued after the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service removed Endangered Species Act protection for wolves in Montana and Idaho but not Wyoming. Responding to the lawsuit, the Fish and Wildlife Service questioned laws and rules Wyoming has passed in case wolves are removed from endangered species protection in the state. Wyoming says it's being accused of not acting in good faith but it says that's not the case.


The reality is wolves do very little harm to Wyoming's big game herds. In fact they are a critical part of thinning the herds of unhealthy animals. The single biggest contributor to an unhealthy elk/deer herd is Wyoming's incredible lax laws on cattle. Cows have no business in a national forest. They muck up the streams and spread disease. Each year thousands of elk and deer die because of the cow. So I say UP with the WOLF and DOWN with the COW. If wolves are feasting on your dogs and you cattle then you are to blame for putting your animals in harms way.


This is and always will be a touchy subject no matter what side you are on with this one. I will speak fo all the houndsmen/women in Wyoming and say the Wyoming wolf population has gotten out of control. They have long moved out of Yellowstone and are now all over the state even in the Bighorns. I have seen and documented them myself from above Buffalo all the way up to above Dayton. People that are not familiar with wolves do not realise they are killing machines. They have killed many hounds since they have "left" the park. If anyone ever saw what they can do to a single dog it would horrify you. Not to mention the decreasing numbers in the elk, deer and moose herds. Just this last winter the elk refuge outside Jackson reported a record decrease in the amount of elk. I can tell you this is due to the wolf. Unlike a mountain lion, a pack of wolves kill to kill often leaving carcasses to rot. A mountain lion will kill and feast on a carcas for days. We have a management plan for mountain lions who cause very little damage, but yet the wolf is protected, unmanaged and distructive. It is time to get the government to wake up here and see the truth about wolves.


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