Wyoming Department of Health Reminds Parents About Vaccines

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - The Wyoming Department of Health is reminding parents to make sure their kids have received the vaccines they need before the new school year starts.

State Health Officer Dr. Brent Sherard says certain vaccines are required for all youth attending school in Wyoming. In addition, he recommends parents contact their doctor to check on whether their kids are up to date on immunizations.

Wyoming has a program that provides vaccines at no cost to about 130 participating providers across the state. While the state provides the vaccines for free, providers may charge a small fee for each shot.

Sherard also asks parents to watch for more information about flu vaccines this fall and winter.

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If you insist on giving a

If you insist on giving a young child these vaccines please try to request a vaccine that does not use thimerosal, some Dr's think it is no longer used, but it is "just under another name" Don't feel like you just need to walk in and get the shot...Walk in ask about it and what is in it, who is the manufacture.. Tell them you will return when you make an informed decision... Then go home and do some research. Check out the congressional hearings on the pharmaceutical companies and these vaccines.

Wyoming - Religious and Medical exemptions allowed as of February, 2003.

Contact the following for a copy of the exemption form:

Wyoming Department of Health
Web site http://wdhfs.state.wy.us/WDH/
e-mail wdh@state.wy.us
Brent D. Sherard, M.D., Interim Director and State Health Officer
117 Hathaway Building
Cheyenne, WY 82002

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Just a thought....


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