Wyoming Community Foundation and Non-Profits

Wyoming Community Foundation President George Gault

The Wyoming Community Foundation is a statewide public foundation with 7,000 donors from Wyoming and across the nation. It is currently valued at $50-plus million with a focus on giving monies to non-profits.

George Gault has headed the WCF for the last seven years, and was in Sheridan earlier this week. He explains the particulars of the Foundation's purpose.

Gault says that monies contributed to the Wyoming Community Foundation come from people of all walks of life, not just those in the wealthier income bracket. They help communities all over the state to receive grants or to use memorials to enhance services, including everything from childcare and food banks to wildlife organizations and community centers.

Gault says his organization partners with community affiliates, including the Sheridan-Johnson Community Foundation. He describes a recent project on which they collaborated.

And Gault also stresses that people who have not made their wills should consider working with local legal and financial assistants to consider bequeathing monies to community needs, so the IRS will not ultimately be in charge of that money. He will be conducting a workshop for lawyers and financial planners at an event May 5th at the Sheridan Holiday Inn.

To learn more about the Wyoming Community Foundation, visit http://www.wycf.org/

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