WYDOT Taking a Look at Speed Limit on Brundage Lane

Accidents like this are happening more and more often on Brundage Lane in Sheridan.
Accidents like this are happening more and more often on Brundage Lane in Sheridan.

There have been several recent accidents on Brundage Lane in Sheridan lately that has prompted officials with WYDOT to examine the speed limit on that street. WYDOT Public Involvement Specialist Ronda Holwell explains.

Holwell says that there are some other changes that people will notice to the area that are definite.

While there is no timetable on when the traffic study will be complete, Holwell reminded us that they will indeed address the issue, and once the study is finished, WYDOT will make a decision on whether to change the speed limit on Brundage Lane.

Common senses says that you

Common senses says that you can't fix people pay attention or from using their cell phones. We can help eliminate the problem by reducing the speed to help people on the defense from those people who aren't pay attention or using their cell phones. I for one was involved in an accident on brundage and WAS NOT using my cell phone and I WAS pay attention, but the person who hit me wasn't pay attention and if the speed limit was slower I might have been able to avoid the accident all together and the injury's because of the accident. Changing the speed limit my not be the answer, but I'm happy it is being looked into and something is finally being done about this dangerous road.


there is not substitute for driver intelligence......


Common sense would say that lowering the speed limit would enable drivers to respond faster to the folks on cell phones, not yielding, and to the drivers not paying attention.

Good idea!

Lets just lower the speed limit to 20 MPH everywhere inside city limits. That way people would have more time to text, chat, and gawk. It would also fill the city coffers because of speeding tickets.

Its the new stop light

Come off the interstate and get off the exit on either the south or north bound side and just sit back and watch whats happening yep its the stop light that made it worse. I come off the exit on the west side all the time to turn up 14/16 and it is worse now then ever before which before it sucked also. Lowering the speed limit will just draw it out even longer. The stop light is timed against surgerland drive what they need to do is during the day have it timed on intervals and not when sugerland drive fills up which will give enough cushion for the people down from it to get out without clobbering someone.

Its not the speed limit

Its not the speed limit thats the issue. Its the cell phones and people not being aware drivers.

This will be great, I'll

This will be great, I'll have more time to talk on the cell phone while I drive around!


The only city in America with only one 40mph roadway, and they're going to lower it down. I don't think the speed limit is the issue either, or there would be a lot more issues like this in other cities.

Speed limit

From what I have been reading, speed isn't the issue here. It sounds like 'failure to yield' is the biggest issue along with people not paying attention.

WDOT/Brundage Lane

Thank you WDOT for looking into this.


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