Woodland Park 5th Graders Graduate from D.A.R.E. Program

Members of the 5th Grade class at Woodland Park Elementary School held a special ceremony Tuesday afternoon. Sheridan Media's Mary Jo Johnson has the story.

26 young people, their parents, teachers and friends took part in the 2010 D.A.R.E. graduation at Woodland Park. Deputies Boot Hill and Mandy Madry run the program for all schools in Sheridan County. Deputy Hill has been involved for the last two years.

Before receiving their graduation certificates, D.A.R.E. t-shirts and bags filled with D.A.R.E.-related memorabilia, four of the graduates read winning essays written for a contest. "Emily" was one of them, and I asked her afterwards.

Deputy Hill was heartened to see so many parents in attendance at the graduation.

The ceremony ended with all in attendance receiving a Dairy Queen treat, and 26 proud students heading out into a sunny afternoon.

I consider DARE to be a

I consider DARE to be a waste of the taxes I pay. These issues should be addressed by parents not government. In actuality our drug policies are ridiculously flawed and a complete failure in terms of liberty and fiscal responsibility.

I agree that these issues

I agree that these issues should be addressed at home however it is not happening. Many parents use drugs and alcohol themselves which in turn does not provide a very good learning/teaching opportunity for kids. DARE is excellent in the sense that it identifies drugs and ways to avoid getting involved. In bigger cities it focuses on how to avoid getting involved in drugs, violence, and gangs. Sometimes the program gives kids an outlet for those kids who may have troubled lives or who do not have positive role models in their life.

just ignore the negative

just ignore the negative comments. Everyone has a right to their opinion and at the same time by giving the comment any air time we are feeding into the negativety. Now all of these comments have become more about the person who was negative then about the good work the deputies do.

It's a shame

I think it's a shame that a story about two OUTSTANDING and DEDICATED deputies has drawn such hurtful and immature comments. Shame on all of you who took what was an exciting and proud moment for these kids to attempt to defile someone's character.
My son just participated in this particular DARE Program and Mandy and Boot did a terrific job! We should be saying THANK YOU to Mandy and Boot for their enthusiasm and all they do for the DARE program and the children in our community. Their job is one in which they do good work and they RARELY hear praise for what they do.
Why don't we show our Law Enforcement Officers a tad bit of respect?
THANK YOU Mandy and Boot for a job well done.
A Thankful Parent

I have to ask "A Thankful

I have to ask "A Thankful Parent"

Is this something you could have taught to your child in your home? Do you feel you have any responsibility to teach this lesson in your home ?

I'm not pointing fingers, just asking it from a poll perspective..

"The proud father of deputy

"The proud father of deputy Madry who serves ALL the folks of Sheridan County".

I'll take your word for it.You must be proud of her.

Lucky to have approval

R.Jones - I bet Mandy's dad can go to sleep so much easier tonight knowing he has your approval. You just keep steeping lower and lower in class.

I think the main point here

I think the main point here is that law enforcement is TRYING to help the kids in our community by adressing issues that might not get talked about at home or addressed from a legal standpoint. Its not important if you agree with the DARE program, because its about more than that...its about the kids meeting and learning to trust a law enforcement officer. Some of thses kids dont see law enforcement unless it is in a negative manner. As far as Deputy Madry eating at the Pony, she is eating, not drinking... I think it is rude for anyone who has not done her job to say she does not work, anyone's job could be looked at as cushy from someone outside it. It seems to me some of the posts here are not about the DARE program and just an anonymous cheap shot at Deputy Madry. Seems to me the kids enjoy the program and get to know an officer, what is wrong with that?


I'm with you dillio1973!!!

Get a Life

I think the narrow minded folks of Sheridan should get a life. Many times I have wanted to respond to the comments on this page but have not due to the off the wall comments. The type of job a person has or where they eat is a their decision.

The proud father of deputy Madry who serves ALL the folks of Sheridan County.

James L. Wilhelm

Lori Roe

Mandy and Boot you both do a GREAT job. Don't let these folks who like to say negative things about everything posted on Sheridan Media get to you. You have A LOT of parents who support you 100%. Keep up the great work!!!

Good to see that you put a

Good to see that you put a comment down. I think that Boot and Mandy are both great officers to be in charge of the D.A.R.E program. I think that both of them being parents gives them more of a drive to put their heart into. I think that both of them are greta people on the job and off. Kudos up to both of them!

WOW! We got some real

WOW! We got some real winners in this town! I know Mandy and Boot personally! The kids at our school love and respect them and see our law enforcement as good positive role models. As far as where Mandy eats ...mind your own business! I didn't know she wasn't allowed a break for lunch!

Dare programs are great for

Dare programs are great for getting officers out of doing work.What better way for an officer to get out of doing real law enforcement work,then to show up at school from 8-3 and then go home.Of course during that time they can nose around into student owned vehicles all in the name of safety of course.

searching vehicles?

I wasn't aware that Woodland Park Elementary students had automobiles to search.

And apparently this site is

And apparently this site is a great way for you to get out of work. I think I would rather see officers educating in the DARE program than I would see you ridiculous comments on here. Maybe you should stop being so hypocritical... at least they are out there doing something to help the growing drug problem here! What have you done? Also, I would like to know from all of you on here who oppose the DARE program and what it does, what would you rather see happen? No education on drugs? If that was to happen next you would be complaining about how no one in the community is helping the youth make smart decisions!


They call it profiling, that

They call it profiling, that why when they pull you over they already have some level of judgment made up in their head. Them standing in a school working with youth, you can not tell me for one second they do not profile that info for later use.. All im saying, what they bring to the class room should be taught at home... I understand it often does not get taught at home and that is a pitty..


I don't know if DARE does any good, but it can't hurt. As for older kids mocking it, older kids mock everything!

the deserve lunch whereever they care to eat it.....

How many food establishments in Sheridan County also happen to serve alcohol. Most of them...so I guess all food establishments are bars????? Maybe all bars are food establishments..sure appreciate you sticking up for the moral majority. I am reasonably certain the deputies can eat whereever they would like. I am pretty certian if you were in a serious situation and Deputy Madry showed up you would send her home....what a hypocrite.

wow, Deputy Madry works?

wow, Deputy Madry works? Good to know. I always see her propped up at the Pony Bar and Grill in uniform. I guess its good that she is workin with kids because I sure would not want her to be protecting me if it was a serious situation.

If you are "always" seeing

If you are "always" seeing her there then maybe you should rethink how much you are there if you think it is such an issue as to how much she is there! Who wouldn't want to go to the Pony, that have AWESOME food, good service, and a great atmosphere. There only problem is obviously that they let you in! Get a life, stop complaining about something you can't control... maybe complain about the stupid laptops that sit in there cars that I am sure create a blind spot...kind of like texting, such a distraction.

YES! SHe does work as a

YES! SHe does work as a matter of fact and puts her life in danger more than you could ever know! Mind your own busines and since when is it your job to keep track of people? Obviously you don't work?

Yes Deputy Madry DOES work!

To answer your question...yes Deputy Madry DOES work, and she works very hard for that matter. I encourage you to try to keep up with her for a day. She covers a lot of territory and is constantly keeping the safety and well being of the children (and adults) in this community her top priority! And last I checked, most citizens take time for lunch each day, whether their job requires them to be in uniform or not.

Nice comment

Sounds like if you are offended at always see Deputy Madry at the Pony you should think about staying home once in a while or eat elsewhere. It is a restaurant that is family friendly so why can't a law enforcement officer eat there in uniform or not without being scrutinized. Get a life!

Yes Deputy Madry DOES work!

To answer your question, yes Deputy Madry DOES work, and she works very hard for that matter! I encourage you to try to keep up with her for a day..she covers a lot of territory and is constantly keeping the safety and well being of the children (and adults) in this community her number one priority. And I'm pretty sure most people that hold a job, take time for lunch each day, whether they are in a uniform or not.

Classless comment

That was dripping with class. Deputies aren't allowed to go to lunch? Wow. Our sheriff along with these two deputies deserve a lot of credit for taking it upon themselves to working with youth in this community? What do you do with kids? Nothing I assume.

Um, yes they deserve a lunch

Um, yes they deserve a lunch but at a Bar? Be an example. I happen to know a few deputies very well and they both would never go to a bar for lunch. And actually I do alot with children thank you, I am a teacher. And I did give her credit for working with children, just nothing else.


Steve nailed it. The Pony is a bar & grill. No different then going to Applebees or any other like business. Yes, alcohol is served there. Would it appropriate for a deputy to be there at 9 pm? Probably not. But at lunch when almost every customer is there eating food, not drinking? There is nothing wrong with it. Stop acting childish.

There is a difference

There is a difference between a "bar and grill" like the Pony and a bar like the Beaver Creek. The latter is a bar, the former is a restaurant with a bar.

Kids are often in the Pony for meals. It is a family-friendly restaurant. I don't see any problem with a uniformed officer eating lunch at such an establishment.

The other site administrators and I have debated whether or not to remove the original post due to the phrase "propped up at the bar" which is bordering on libel.

It says "propped up at the

It says "propped up at the Pony Bar and Grill" That is not libel. It is a statement of facts. Pony Bar and Grill is the name of the establishment!

The phrase "propped up at

The phrase "propped up at the bar" implies that the person is inebriated. If she was just eating lunch and not drinking any alcoholic beverage, then accusing her of drinking on the job is libel. While this statement does not blatantly make that accusation, it certainly is intended to create that mental image, which is why I said it borders on libel.

Great job

I think it is great what the Sheriff's office does with the D.A.R.E. program. Kids really look up to law enforcement and I hope it will make a positive impact on their futures. Nice job Boot and Mandy!

The average sheridan

The average sheridan resident enjoys being owned,that's why programs like this occur.

Most can't understand the need for seperation of church and state either.

Armed officers have no

Armed officers have no business in a school setting unless a request has been made on a per incident issue. I always get a kick out of how accepting people are of this situation. Never any foresight to see the consequences of this type of indoctrination. IMHO

Saying Officers should not

Saying Officers should not be armed when in the school is a foolish comment. They are there to keep kids safe. Maybe your unaware, but there was a school shooting in Sheridan in 1993. Be thankful that your local law enforcement cares anough to put Officers / Deptuies in the schools.

I hate to break the bad news

I hate to break the bad news to you but there will ALWAYS be shootings... That is NEVER going to go away... Take a look and ANY communist country, YOU STILL HAVE SHOOTINGS.. This will NEVER be a perfect world and do-gooders need to accept this... Do I feel we should do away with gun rights, NO... Why, because then only criminals are left holding guns.. Do I think it is a good idea for anyone to bring a gun into a school NO... Are school shootings going to still happen, YES. Take a look at how far our school system has fallen, look at test scores compared to the global level we now compete on!!! Wake up, When our kids are in school they need 100% focus on READING, WRITING, MATH, HISTORY, and SCIENCE. We now have too much EXTRA stuff going on in school. Stuff that SHOULD be taught in the home that is taking away from REAL learning. This is why on the global playing field we are getting our butts handed to us, and if we dont change it will continue to happen.. You think people have issues getting jobs now, wait until you wake up and realize your competeing on a global scale.

Guns have a negative intimidation factor that does not belong in a place of learning..

Mr. dillio1973 I will have

Mr. dillio1973

I will have you know that I felt very comforted knowing that there was an officer at the high school nearly all the time! I ran into quiet the situation with a fellow class mate the posed a danger to myself and everyone else, with out that officer there I can't say it would have ended with everyone going home safely! You sir and moron and nearly every comment you leave on Sheridan media's site it dripping with stupidity!!!! SHUT YOUR MOUTH!

I found that comment

I found that comment funny... I'm thinking that due to your age, you have no understanding of the larger picture. Might want to start thinking about how to deal with situations in a constructive way, without involving law enforcement.. Thats a lot of tax payers money for baby sitting.. As for DARE, I have worked with older youth who later mock the dare programs they use to attend in school, so still in my oppinion it is misplaced tax dollars.. Also it can lead to a risk having guns in school... Schools are gun free zones, so any person having a wepon in that area shows youth that some people are above the law... Not even law enforcement people are above the law, it is a bad road to go down.. All I can say is learn to deal with your issues. One day when it counts, you will not be able to call time out due to the fact that law enforcement is not there to protect you.. The Supreme Court has already ruled, they have no obligation to help Castle Rock v. Gonzales They are there to write tickets, in Sheridans case it seems to be writing DUI tickets lol. IMO

Funny stuff alright

I guess it makes your comment hilarious.

DARE officers do not babysit. They educate and give information to kids so that when they are presented with the opportunity to use alcohol or drugs they know the problems or risks associated with that kind of behavior. By doing so, they are helping to reduce substance abuse problems in our community. I have no doubt some youth do mock these kinds of efforts. I can guess what they are probably doing for extra curricular activities.

Yes, schools are gun free zones. Deputies are not above the law when they carry guns on school grounds. That is the nose immature and niave assessment I think I have ever heard. Cops, by virtue of their dangerous jobs have to carry firearms. They can go into courthouses, the post office or anywhere else with their gun. It is not against any law for them to do that.

And thank god they are writing DUI tickets. I dont want my family members or your family members being killed by some moron who knocked down 10 beers then got in his car.

"they are helping to reduce

"they are helping to reduce substance abuse problems in our community."

I would like to see the statistics on this, is there any proof to validate your claim ?

" Deputies are not above the law"

This act shows how they may be seen as above the law..

"Cops, by virtue of their dangerous jobs have to carry firearms"

I have no issue with them having firearms, more people need to carry them


call them dumb but I respect anyone who stands up for the right to have firearms... but the school is not the place for it..

I think the CONCEPT of DARE is good, but I see no proof that it is effective...

However it is something that can be taught in the home, with no cost to the tax payer.

You say that education on

You say that education on drug use is something that should be taught at home... You are saying that every parent should know about every drug, the side effects, the statistics, and the legal consequences. Not every person knows everything about drug abuse, this is why there is the DARE program, it gives the people who do know about drugs and alcohol the share there knowledge. Not matter the subject it is still education, hence why they provide this program in the schools! Spending tax dollars on educating the youth, I am sure there are worse places that money goes!
And I am so thankful that this cities law enforcement is so tough on DUI's, and I dont say that lightly, I have some very close to me that has had a few and not once would I ever think that they were in the wrong giving those out! Drinking and driving ruins alot of lives!
Also, you tell me that I should have dealt with my own problems while I was in school... If find it more productive that an officer took care of the issue at hand which then allowed me to stick with my studies instead of worrying whether some kid was going to come to school with a gun.

Please avoid name-calling.

Please avoid name-calling.

I'll bet the kids at

I'll bet the kids at Columbine think the same thing. We wouldn't want someone to protect the children should such a thing occur. Your humble opinion should be kept to yourself.

Quick to toss Columbine out

Quick to toss Columbine out there as a defense I see. I kind of expect that.. In the real world officer involved shootings tally more deaths than 10 Columbine incidents. Tazing seems to be the in thing now so I guess it was OK.. Just last week I had to explain to my 12 year old son why an officer had no right to ask permission to taze an 11 year old mentally challenged girl for being out of control.. Teaching is a profession; I would think a teacher should burden some of the responsibility for the risk of the profession they choose. If you don’t want risk, find an office job in a high rise bank like Indy Mac, or Citi Group.

I figured I'd "toss

I figured I'd "toss Columbine out there" because of the vast media attention it got. I could've mentioned Central Middle School, Sheridan 1992, or Jonesboro, Arkansas, or Virginia Tech, or.....well the list goes on and on. Because the probability of such a tragic incident is small, does that mean it should be overlooked all together? Could any of these have been prevented by having an armed law enforcement officer, maybe or maybe not. An SRO exchanged gun fire with the two Columbine assailants. Who knows at what point that occurred. If that officer had not been there, who knows what the tally of death would have been. It could have been much higher, and would have been much higher had their home made IED's gone off. Sometimes I agree with your opinions on here because it shows at least you are able to form opinions on your own without having to be led by the nose. This opinion to me is simply way off rational thinking.

Officers involved

It would seem 'in the real world' police officers would be more likely to be involved in shooting situations because of the job description.

peace of mind

You must not have children. As a parent, I love the idea of having an officer at the school. I wish there was an officer assigned to each and every school in Sheridan.

I have some misgivings about

I have some misgivings about armed police in schools, sometimes it has a police state quality about it. Having said that when our kids did the dare thing all of the Sheriffs office people were friendly and professional. I'm OK with armed police in schools, if the only thing they do is to guarantee security, and are not used to aggressively search cars or lockers.


Congrats go to Deputies Boot Hill and Mandy Madry for taking the time to teach these kids the at Woodland Park.


Maybe these folks can come into the Beaver Creek (a bar with food) and teach people that smoking is bad, teach people to clean up thier language, and teach people to be nice, while I prop myself up.

Oh wait!! I dont smoke. Is Boot Hill a real name? Although I did know someone by the name of Rusty Nail. Crazy

Damian Trujillo


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