Woman Suspected Of Sending White Powder To Courthouse Faces Federal Charges

A woman from Mills, Wyoming has made her initial appearance in United States District Court in Casper on three charges including sending an envelope with an unknown white powder to the Sheridan County Courthouse just before Christmas. 39-year-old Jennifer Casebolt could spend 15 years in prison if convicted on all counts.

The old portion of the Sheridan County Courthouse was shut down on December 22nd when an employee in the Clerk of Circuit Court’s office opened an envelope and a white powder spilled out. The letter was postmarked in Casper and handwriting on the envelope was compared to writing on lawsuit documents filed by Casebolt in Sheridan County in October.

In addition to the charges relating to the Courthouse incident, Casebolt also is charged with threatening the life of United States Representative Cynthia Lummis. Casebolt allegedly left the death threats on December 10th on a voicemail intended for Wyoming’s lone delegate to the House of Representatives.

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What are people thinking?

On one hand I feel sorry for this woman. She is obviously suffering from some sort of psychological issue(s). No one who is "normal" does these sorts of things as a rule. From the little that was written here it seems that she may suffer from schizophrenia, or some other disorder that clouds clear judgement.

On the other hand, this type of conduct has to have consequences and those consequences should be stiff. Anyone who intentionally threatens the life of anyone, and who sends this type of mail should have to be held accountable.

Unfortunately, this is where the two sides are at odds. Did she even realize what she did was wrong? Does she have the mental capacity to understand the ramifications of what she did? If the answer to those two questions are "no," what is an appropriate punishment? Throwing her in jail does no good because she will not get appropriate counseling and treatment if incarcerated.

This type of case is why I hope I never get called for jury duty! I am not sure how I would vote in a case like this. Although she is presumed innocent until proven guilty; and there are many things that were not released to the press.

I feel very sorry for this woman, but also for the unsuspecting people she harmed (psychologically); and to shut down an entire branch of government. . . .really hard to fathom.

Good luck to the prosecutors and to this woman. Hopefully the punishment will fit not only the crime, but also the mental state of the accused. I pray I am not called to sit in judgement on this case!


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