Woman Charged with Stealing Grandmother's Credit Card

25-year-old Amanda Craig went before Judge John Sampson in Sheridan County Circuit Court Tuesday afternoon. Craig was there on two separate charges. The first charge was for Unlawful Use of a Credit Card. Craig plead "guilty" to stealing a credit card from Evelyn Craig and using it to purchase just under $900-worth of merchandise from several Sheridan merchants between July 28 and July 31, 2009. Evelyn Craig is Amanda Craig's grandmother.

The second charge, on which Craig also plead "guilty," was for Possession of a Controlled Substance of prescription medication that she stole, and for which she was arrested Monday, March 15th. Upon arresting Craig for the second charge, officers learned of the warrant out for her arrest on the credit card theft.

Judge Sampson sentenced Craig to 60 days in the Sheridan County Detention Center on both counts, to run consecutively. She is also to pay restitution to US Bank for the amount of loss they covered on Evelyn Craig's card.

Amanda Craig is one of the

Amanda Craig is one of the lowest bottomfeeder scums I've ever met...she RIPPED HER OWN GRANDMOTHER OFF!!!! ok so she has a drug problem it still is unexcuseable and i think the justice system failed our community with the sentence that was handed down that day in district court....the amount of time is not even enough for what the offense was and if there is such a drug problem why not offer her a solution to that problem instead of giving a homeless drug addict a place to live eat and try to pick up chicks...Amanda is institutionalized and is ENJOYING being in jail...there is no sense of JUSTICE in this at all...just DISGRACE!!

Amanda's problems

I think some of Amanda's problems was her grandmother. That woman is so mean and hard headed. She pushed Amanda to have brand new stuff all the time and to work two jobs. Amanda could have done much better on her own if she had started out that way and not lived with her cranky, demanding, controlling and opinionated grandmother. Frankly, the gramma talks horrible trash against Amanda and left here homeless this last winter. Now, Amanda is back in jail. Just a mess and a sign of a dysfunctional family. Amanda is a good sweet girl who needs serious help. She is smart and a very kind, but to blame her mother who lives across the country and has not been with her since she was about 12 yrs. old is stupid. Where was the father all this time? I feel for Amanda and wish her the best, but she will now have to sever even more time since she just got arrested again last week for the same thing!!!

We are not disfunctional by

We are not disfunctional by no means. i am 23 years old and my mom left when I was 13 which would make Amanda 15 not 12, so Amanda was old enough to understand, and I was the one closeest to my mother. I was in foster homes and group homes till I turned 18. I lived with my grandmother when I was 13 we had our differences but now we get along great. I am in school and doing very well. There is no excuse for Amanda's behavior. You dont know the story so keep opinions to your self. The only one who can say anything really is her family, which you are not so keep your mind out of it. My grandmother is not to blame. My grandmother is 80 years old and doing the best she can. Amanda is 25 years old. I even moved from Pennsylvania and threw away a scholarship to help my sister out. She declines help its not my Grandmother. We have all tried to help.

This is disgusting!

Of course, with drugs involved it is not surprising. How low to steal from your own Grandmother just to feed your drug habit. If our Government really wanted to help this country they would wage all-out war on illegal drugs and drug dealers!

Hey thanks for all the

Hey thanks for all the comments.You don't know the whole story. You don't know her don't judge her. It is very wrong what she did. She is paying for it. That is my older sister we are talking about. Frankly, she does have a lot of problems. But has anyone heard of mind your own business. Thanks much appreciated.

I am guessing you have never

I am guessing you have never heard of the "War on Drugs." I can also assume that you do not realize that our prisons are flooded with small time drug users and that their meals and blankes are paid for with our tax money. How far are you suggesting we go to take care of this problem?

War on Drugs?

Your losing buddy! Either legalize or quit calling it a "war"

And your plan?

I think that we already are buying their meals, blankets, drugs, and anything else they can get through the welfare checks that a lot of them get because they can't pass the drug test to get a job. There is a prison sitting vacant in Hardin right now. Convict them, lock them up. Bring back the chain gangs. Keep the ACLU and shyster lawyers out. Put them to work painting curbs, mowing parks, cleaning right-of-ways. Feel free to add anything you want to this list except for "turn the other cheek, ignore them and they might go away, cure them with hugs, etc.". If I could figure out how to sign in using my user name I would. You would see that I feel about drugs much like RJones feels toward Kinskey! I lost several friends and acquaintances because of drugs when I was in my teens and twenties, in my 60's now and still hate that crap!

I agree 100 %, we pay for

I agree 100 %, we pay for them in or out of prison. We might as well protect the community by removing them when there is space. If they take away our money via welfare, I’m all for removing their day to day freedom.. Also agree with bringing back chain gangs for women included... Also women who have custody of kids and who access welfare IMHO should server more time not less. We need to break this cycle of welfare and poverty. Kids need to see firsthand the risk and consequences of one’s actions. Ya it sucks for the kids, but in the long run it is a school of hard knocks education.. Wouldn’t be half bad if a kid had a little resentment for a parent not being there for them…


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