Wolf Delisting To Be Challenged in Federal Court

Wolf Delisting To Be Challenged in Federal Court

The National Resource Defense Council has started an aggressive legal campaign to have wolves reinstated with protection under the Endangered Species Act.

Not even 60 days after their delisting became effective, the council has announced it's taking the issue back to the courts for reconsideration. Along with a team of legal experts, the group has launched an advertising campaign that portrays Wyoming's wolf management strategy as unacceptable.

While the ad is technically true, it fails to mention that wolves don't actually live in most of the state. Public Information Officer for the Game and Fish Department, Eric Keszler.

The majority of wolves living in the Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks are well within a regulated hunting area. A media release from the Game and Fish confirms hunters have been compliant in reporting kills in designated trophy game areas, and some areas have even been shut down after quotas are met. It's true there is a “shoot on sight” policy throughout the rest of the state, but Keszler said that situation rarely comes up.

Regardless, 16 wolves have been reported as killed outside the management area, though all were on the periphery of such areas. The NRDC accuses the state's management plan is insufficient, intolerant of the species, and will lead to the repeated near extinction of the animals.

Sheridan Media hopes to have comments from the NRDC tomorrow.

To see the video recently released by the NRDC, click here.

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