Winterizing Your Pets

Winterizing Your Pets

Winter will soon be settling in, which will present a whole new possibility of dangerous situations for our pets. Aside from the obvious cold temperatures and exposure to those conditions, our pets can get into a number of predicaments during the winter, that can at times be life threatening. Veterinarian Dr. Karen Sears explains that anti-freeze is something that a lot of dogs can easily get into, especially if it leaks from a vehicle inside a garage. She says that there are early warning signs that usually go unnoticed by the pet owner.

Sears stated that anti-freeze is more toxic to cats than dogs, as cats will sometimes walk through the poison and lick their paws to clean them. She added that there is an antidote to anti-freeze poisoning if a veterinarian is contacted early on in the process. While not as dangerous as anti-freeze, ice melt can pose a threat to pets as well. Click here to hear more tips on how to keep your four legged friends safe this winter.

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