Winter ATV Restrictions May Be Coming Down The Trail

Winter ATV Restrictions May Be Coming Down The Trail

With the winter weather waning and the budding tulips popping, the last thing on many people's minds right now is playing in the snow.

Not so for Rickey Young, who owns the Bear and Arrowhead Lodges, and also has the contract for High Country Grooming, which packs trails on Red Grade for recreational use.

He petitioned the Sheridan County Commission at their meeting Tuesday, asking them to consider placing restrictions on winter ATV use:

Rickey said that it was probably fewer than 12 ATV users who were destroying the grooming, although he added it only takes one irresponsible user to destroy $15-hundred worth of work:

His request to limit winter ATV use on groomed trails was heard during the "public comments" portion of the Commissioner's meeting; no specific proposal or resolution has been made.

I managed to put over 2000

I managed to put over 2000 miles this year on a new sled in the Big Horns this past season.First off it was the worst snow I've seen in 25 years. The trails were torn up because everybody was riding the trails due to lack of snow base off trail.

The reason the Atv's were on the trails,is because snow depths were so poor,that there was little reason to ride a sled and tear it up when a fourwheeler would work better.

I've seen more trail grooming efforts destroyed by snowmobilers who insist on doing burn outs and trenching the middle of the trail,then any atv could possibly cause.Not to mention ATV's have a trail sticker also.

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