Where Did The Grasshoppers Go?

Here is Where One Went, But Where Are the Rest?
Here is Where One Went, But Where Are the Rest?

Grasshoppers were expected to take over parts of the west, with some estimates that they would reach numbers not seen since 1985. However, although the grasshopper population certainly has reached what is considered “epidemic” levels in certain areas the overall number, at least appears to be lower than predicted.

However, Scott Hiniger, with the University of Wyoming Extension Office in Sheridan, says the grasshopper population could have been as high as predicted:

And while we can't be certain until next year what the grasshopper situation will be like, Scott says there are some factors favoring lower populations:

Of course, what is good news for some is not necessarily good news for all:

Like many animal populations, the grasshopper numbers are generally cyclical, reaching peak numbers for a couple of years before going back down to normal levels.


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