What's Next For The Cowboy Carousel

What's Next For The Cowboy Carousel

After some well-publicized fund raising events during the last year, it's been rather quiet on the Cowboy Carousel front recently, but the committee has still been busy getting ready for the next phase in the project's development.

Arnette Tiller, with the Cowboy Carousel Committee, said they are now beginning to repair the various horses on the carousel and will begin working on the decking of the carousel as each of the horses is removed and repaired.

She tells us about the first horse to be repaired and what function it will serve after it is repaired.

Steamboat will be on display for fund raising and to generate interest in the project and he will be at various businesses while the other horses are being repaired, she said.

Although they would like to get the restoration done as soon as possible, it will unfortunately be dictated by funds raised as to how soon the restoration is completed.

In the meantime, the Carousel Center is continuing to take shape, according to Tiller, and they are still planning to use the complex as a community/art/learning center that will benefit the entire community.

ADA-compliant ramps, re-zoning and an inspection of the building by the Fire Marshall have all been completed and the committee expects to move forward with the community center.

Tiller said they are still looking for the seats out of the old Buffalo Theater, and if anyone has any they would be willing to speak to them about acquiring them.

Donations of funds and services are always welcome, and those interested can contact Tiller at 620-1691.
On a related note, the Carousel Committee is looking for those who have skills to share or want to learn skills and are encouraging those people to help put together their community learning program. If interested, contact Kristin at 620-5194, or email cowboycarousel@gmail.com

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