What Is The Cost Of Freedom? How About $22 Million?

A Gillette man has started a controversy involving Sheridan's newly hired Police Chief. The controversy is over the man's "million dollar bird." Sheridan Media's Betsy Love has the story:

Actually, its not a million dollar bird, but a 22 million dollar bird:

And that turns out to be Bruce Williams, who is suing the citizens of Gillette because a man named Johnathan Wall was ticketed for giving the police chief the middle finger---known by those of an euphemistic ilk as "giving the bird." And Williams is so upset because certain actions, like "giving the bird" are actually considered a form of speech and thus, are protected by the 1st Amendment.

The police chief who was "given the bird" also happens to be the newly-hired Sheridan Chief of Police, Richard Adriaens.
Williams stresses his ire, however, goes way beyond the Chief.

It is ultimately the people Williams is trying to hold accountable for upholding the First Amendment:

Williams filed February 11th and the City of Gillette has through this week to respond.

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I'm not in the habit of

I'm not in the habit of flipping off the police, but to actually ticket for it?

New source of income

Wow, anyone needing money has just been handed a 'pot of gold' via the new police chief! Broke, just 'flip off' the police chief, get a good lawyer, then sue after you get arrested. Of course the 'good' lawyer gets to line his/her pockets first but it looks like an easy paycheck. Actually, I honestly think that these frivolous lawsuits are crazy!


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