WGFD: Tips on Avoiding Black Bear Conflicts for Sheridan County

(photo courtesy of WGFD Sheridan Regional Office)
(photo courtesy of WGFD Sheridan Regional Office)

Last week we reported what Yellowstone National Park advises visitors as to what they should be aware of when dealing with grizzly bears, as the park is conducting its seasonal grizzly studies amid a recent fatal grizzly attack. For Sheridan-area residents, according to WGFD Information Officer Warren Mischke, communities like Big Horn, Story and Dayton should also take certain precautions to avoid bear conflicts.

He says this time of year is a time to especially be aware of black bears. Mischke goes through some things residents should know.

Some tips from the WGFD:

-Do not store garbage outside unless it is secured in a bear proof dumpster or trash container.

-Store livestock feeds in buildings or in a bear proof container.

-Keep BBQ grills clean and in a garage or shed when not in use.

-Do not leave pet food outside overnight.

-Bears are attracted to birdseed, hummingbird food, and suet. Hang bird feeders at least 10 feet in the air or take them down. Remove spilled bird feed.

-Clean up fruit from apple and plum trees

-Be especially alert during early morning and evening hours.

-Be alert for bears and bear sign on your property and report nuisance bear activity to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

-People that camp in bear country should also be extra cautious about food storage.

WGFD issues this advice to avoid needless destruction of a bear, and people are encouraged to report all bear activity to their offices.


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