Western Talks Campaign Finance Reform Bills

Western Talks Campaign Finance Reform Bills

Wyoming Promise is an organization that believes campaign finance reform is needed in order to make elections free and fair. A bill that they support has made its way through the Wyoming House and has been introduced and referred to committee in the Senate. Local Representative Cyrus Western explains why he voted against House Joint Resolution 8.

The bill passed with a vote of 37 yays, 20 nays, and 3 excused. Local Representative Mark Kinner voted yay, while Western and Representative Mark Jennings voted nay, and Representative Richard Tass was excused. Representative Kinner is a co-sponsor of the legislation. Representative Western did vote yes on another bill that deals with campaign finance revisions, Senate File 18.

Senate File 18 is almost to the finish line of becoming law after passing the Senate 23-7 and the House 50-9 with 1 excused. Representatives Kinner and Western voted in favor and Representatives Jennings and Tass, along with Local Senators Bo Biteman and Dave Kinskey, voted against the legislation. Senator Kinskey did vote in favor of the bill during concurrence while Senator Biteman remained opposed. To view the details on these bills and others, visit www.wyoleg.gov.


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