West Ten Sleep Trailhead Users Shouldn’t See New Fees -- Just Yet

By Judy Hagerott

Forty percent of visitors going into the Cloud Peak Wilderness Area use the West Ten Sleep Trailhead, making it one of the most popular corridors to enter the forest. But popularity does come with a price.

The Forest Service has been toying with the idea of charging site amenity fees to cover the costs of deferred maintenance needs at the trailhead, costs which range well over $20,000. These amenities include bathrooms, picnic tables, horse corrals, plus a well with potable water and all are costly to maintain. Proposed fees would be $5 per car per visit or an annual pass of $25.

The Forest Service is seeking public comment of the fee proposal through mid-June, but District Ranger Mark Booth says he does not see a fee this summer, at least, not yet. He said it’s a tough thing to suggest, and there might be some better solutions that may be garnered over the summer.

There are 47 other trailheads to get into the wilderness area, 19 which are developed. The West Ten Sleep Trailhead has parking spaces for 45 passenger vehicles and 8 large spots for trucks with trailers.

Public comments concerning the proposed amenity fees can be submitted in writing to the Powder River Ranger District, 1415 Fort Street, Buffalo, WY 82834 or electronic submissions can be sent to comments-bighorn@fs.fed.us with West Ten Sleep Trailhead in the subject line.

West Ten

No I do not own horses....and I am not sure you would know heavy metal if it slapped you along side of your head. I am sure though that you have tested the water and know exactly what is in it.....do you know where the West Ten Trailhead is? I would be surprised....you spend way to much time spouting drivel to have acquired any real knowledge. At least I can say one positive thing in your behalf...you have an opionon about everything....right or mostly wrong, of course opionons are like rear ends...we all have one.

Don't have to test the

Don't have to test the water.Forest service does it for you.They have no qualms with telling you the water is drinkable yet low quality.

You must be from colorado and expect to be charged a fee to do anything.

west ten

Most likely have lived in WY longer than you but with one difference...I expect to pay my way and if it means forking out a few dollars to have a few amenities I can do that. If I don't want them, there are many places I can go and not pay. Would like to see the quality tests you are referring to and also you do realize that at some point that water is most likely the same water that you drink on a day to day basis after all the chemicals are added to make it EPA safe. Much rather take my chances on a well at 9000 ft. than what comes out of the local plant after it has run down numerous hills, stream beds etc. with whatever type of contamination may be there...really do prefer the never seen daylight type....but each to his own.

So evidently you own

So evidently you own horses:)

The potable well is just like the rest.Heavy metal,evidently you like the taste?

Mr. RJones, I am not sure

Mr. RJones, I am not sure what trailhead you are referring to but it is not West Ten Sleep. You had better see the area before you start spouting crap you apparently know nothing about. Law states the water is tested on a regular basis...man pull your head out. If you can find knee deep horse crap...I will come haul it off. Last time I was there I saw no twine or make shift corrals. Amazing.....there could be nails...have not inspected every tree on the mtn. Wow you are amazing....such BS.

So stop maintaining it.The

So stop maintaining it.The use of horses does the most damage and most people don't even use the corrals because they're knee deep with horse crap and bailing twine.Every tree in the area is covered in nails and make shift corrals.
No one with any common sense drinks from the "potable well" either.


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