Wendt Criticizes Rep. Lummis on “Afghan”-Mexico Strategy

 Wendt Criticizes Rep. Lummis on “Afghan”-Mexico Strategy

Democrat David Wendt, who is running against incumbent Cynthia Lummis for Wyoming's U.S. House seat, criticized Representative Lummis this week for some comments she made regarding U.S. Policy towards Mexico. Lummis was recently part of a congressional delegation to visit Afghanistan. And in a recent interview with the Casper Star-Tribune Editorial board, spoke in support of “a strategy that is not unlike what we're deploying in Afghanistan.” Here is a clip from that interview:

Mexican President Felipe Calderón, has publicly spoken against any overt U.S. military presence in Mexico. Which is why, Mr. Wendt contends, Representative Lummis' approach is not currently a viable option:

Mr. Wendt says that “Mexico is not Afghanistan, ”and he is “astonished that such a strategy would be seriously proposed”:

However, continued violence has bolstered the perception among some that Mexico may not be capable of curbing violence without a U.S. Military presence.
Mr. Wendt says he believes we should “partner with Mexico” to strengthen their southern boarder, where much of the drug trafficking originates. And, in addition to strengthening our own border, he adds:

To listen to the extended interview with Mr. Wendt, click here.

To watch the video of the Casper Star-Tribune interview: http://trib.com/news/vmix_5fced3...

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Mr or Ms Gueld we do agree!

It's pretty clear that these

It's pretty clear that these two buffoons think that the public just fell off the turnip truck for them to trumpet solutions like this. Not one word here about securing the borders or sanctioning employers who knowingly hire illegals. When we don't demand more from our elected officials I guess we end up with the government we deserve.

Bozos every one of them! It

Bozos every one of them! It absolutely eludes me why we spend countless billions to secure the borders of Afghanistan and Iraq yet fail to secure OUR southern border. So Loomis thinks Afghanistan (where we are losing) is a model, and Wendt thinks we should "partner" with the Mexican government? Maybe we should just do as the vast majority of Americans wish and actually secure our border. The political elite in this country is so out of touch.


The 'political elite' employ these people and also want the 'illegal votes'!


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