This Week's Poll Question Addresses Sheridan's Curfew Ordinance

Lately in Sheridan people have been concerned with the youth. One of the concerns is the curfew. In Sheridan, thirteen-year-olds and younger have to be home by 9:30 pm on school nights, and 10:30 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Fourteen to eighteen-year-olds need to be home by 10:30 pm on school nights, and 12:00 midnight on Fridays and Saturdays and summer months. This week's Bank of Sheridan/Sheridan Media poll question is: Are you satisfied with Sheridan's curfew ordinance and how it is being enforced.

Let us know what you think. Vote your opinion at and feel free to leave comments in the online forum. Then be sure to tune in Friday morning at 9:10 on Newstalk 930 KROE to hear the results during the Jackson Electric Open Line.

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Youth and Crime

I thought living on the bike path next to the river would be great- NOT SO!! The bike path is like a superhighway for teenage criminals. We have had our car broken into and everything stolen from it, things stolen from our yard, ect. We've made police reports, and were basically told that kids target houses along the bike path, at night, because they can get away easily without being spotted. From now on I will be calling the cops and reporting every teenage person I see out on the path or street after curfew- even if it's only a few minutes past. And I hope to heck that the curfew will be enforced more than it has been in the past!

Your the one that bought a

Your the one that bought a house on a public walking trail should have given that a little more thought eh?

I hear what your saying and

I hear what you are saying and agree. I've looked at how crime has developed around other bike paths in other places, and all I can say is that the Sheridan bike path is on par in terms of crime. Here is what it comes down to, criminals use something that was meant to benefit us and basically steal all of our enjoyment we may have gotten from that bike path. One thing I'll say is in other areas a LOT of home owners are using in-expensive CCTV system. The police are going to be there AFTER the fact 90% of the time, unless they are writing a moving violation ticket :) .. As an individual, if you want to protect yourself its best to be proactive and not wait for the cops. IMHO

curfew enforcement

I do not believe that the curfew has been enforced nearly enough. I've been down to the park after "curfew" with officers making rounds and still have seen kids that were easily 14, 15, 16 years old still standing there after curfew and are passed over! I believe that the fact that there's been so much juvenile crime comes from a few sources: the first being that there's nothing for these kids to where for them to go when the park gets boring...all they end up doing is walking around Walmart which sometimes ends up with the result of shoplifting just so they can brag about getting away with it. Second, these kids know from their peers that even if they do get caught, with any offense other than murder; the juvenile justice system in this state is so very lax that they end up with nothing for consequence except maybe a few hours community service or probation that's other words, a simple slap on the hand and a stern "don't do it again". And that includes those doing drugs and are already in the system to begin with. The youth around here simply laugh it off!! I believe that if the curfew was enforced a lot more harshly, if the youth of Sheridan come to understand that there is indeed consequences for their decisions then maybe the crime rate in this county will go down and they have a better chance of becoming a productive part of the community. There are states that enforce curfew so greatly that the youth wouldn't dare step out the door after curfew for fear of either one heck of a fine that they're forced to pay themselves...not their parents or being placed in a juvenile facility for a time. Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming all of our youth for this indescression...but it is a matter of a handful of rotten fruit ruining the entire crop. Talk to the youth in your family, ask them their opinion about what should be done and how things can change...I think we'd be extremely surprised at their answers and ideas.

J. S. Luckjohn

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