Weekly Poll Question: What's the Community's Job Of Addressing The Needs Of The Youth

Since the murder of Bob Ernst on August 26th, allegedly at the hands of teenagers, many in Sheridan have looked at the youth differently. Many adults have raised the question if it is the City of Sheridan's responsibility or if the parents need to play a bigger role in providing healthy and safe activities for their children to take part in.

Would it be easier, for example, if Sheridan offered a Teen Center for the youth to hang out, or would that just become a failed plan. This week's Bank of Sheridan / Sheridan Media Weekly poll question is: "Is Sheridan doing an adequate job of addressing the needs of its youth."

Let us know what you think. Vote your opinion in the upper right-hand corner of our home page, and feel free to leave comments in the online forum. Then be sure to tune in to the Jackson Electric Open Line this Friday on Newstalk 930 KROE.

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A small group of youth spent 3 hours at the skate park in the Thorne Rider park......just being friends, feeding, and providing a few prizes to the kids that were skating and biking.....sure some of these kids were rough in every sense of the word....dress, language, behavior.....but at the end of the 3 hours I don't know who had more fun....the regular skater/bikers or the youth going into a world that was not comfortable for them? Point being, a little time spent outside the box may redirect a persons behavior, even if only for a short time. Many world changers have done so by investing in the lives of those who are less than desirable.....Stop talking the problem and start investing in the answer.....!?!?!?!?!?!?


Easier said then done

I have experience in helping to organize activities for youth to partake in. They are very fickle and difficult to please. They are clicks and groups that will not intermingle with other teens.

I like the idea of a teen center or a Boys and Girls Club. But only a certain population of kids would take advantage of it in this size of a community.

I think it is impossible for the taxpayers to come up with different activities or centers that would make every teen happy.

I think it is up to parents to help their kids find and develop hobbies, interest and activities that they can participate in to stay out of trouble and live healthy lifestyles.

There is lots of things for kids to do in this community that don't include video games, walking alleys late at night, or drinking/drugs. Just takes a little effort.


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