Weekly Poll Question Topic: City Design Review Board Standards

"Are the City Design Review Board's standards too restrictive?" That is this week's Bank of Sheridan-sheridanmedia.com poll question.

The majority say 'yes', but some did say 'no', they think that Sheridan will become too big. Some feel that no matter what, you cannot stop growth.

You can vote your opinion on our homepage and leave topic-related comments. Then listen to the Jackson Electric Open Line this Friday to hear the results.

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If they were too

If they were too restrictive,sheridan wouldn't have turned into the mess it is today.It would be nice if sheridanmedia actually had a clue.Boards aren't preventing developers from building anything in sheridan.

Sure your developers would like to bypass the need for approval on projects,because it would allow them to turn a quicker buck and build more fly by night junk,before they skip town.

I find it ironic that this weeks poll question deals with design restrictions,when last weeks poll dealt with an individual here in the community.Who not only has a ton of building restrictions in place at the powder horn,but also on Scott dr.


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