Weekly Poll Question: Bill Ayers at UW

Bill Ayers now teaches Education at the University of Illinois-Chicago.
Bill Ayers now teaches Education at the University of Illinois-Chicago.

Originally scheduled to speak at the University of Wyoming earlier this month, controversial figure Bill Ayers is now re-scheduled to visit Laramie April 28th, although the venue is yet to be announced, because he's been banned from speaking on the UW campus. Colorado lawyer David Lane says that that action violated Ayers 1st Amendment right to Free Speech.

Ayers co-founded the radical group Weather Underground in the late 1960s. The group was responsible for bombing public buildings -- including the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon -- in protest of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. He now is an education professor at the University of Illinois-Chicago.

When he was initially going to speak on campus, at the invitation of the UW Social Justice Research Center, public outcry from around the state was so strong that the Center's Director, Francisco Rios, canceled the presentation.

The controversy prompted this week's Bank of Sheridan/sheridanmedia.com poll question: "Should Bill Ayers be allowed to speak at the University of Wyoming?"

Let us know what you think. Cast your vote on our homepage, and feel free to leave appropriate comments. Then be sure to tune in to NewsTalk 930 KROE to hear the results this Friday morning on the Jackson Electric Open Line.

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So here is the thing that I

So here is the thing that I think people don't understand.. Was it really UW that invited him, or was it a chapter or group inside the University. Should that group have the right to invite a speaker with whatever money that given chapter raises ?

Bill Ayers

If I were to ask Glenn Beck to speak at UW I would be denied with no chance to appeal so what makes Bill Ayers so much bettter? Besides if he wants to exercise his free speech he doesn't need to go to the campus he can just go down to any street corner and exercise it. This is not about free speech but about imposing his will on others.

Jon Smith

Jon Smith


Did he ever do any jail time for his terrorist acts?I am all for freedom of speech but our youth are screwed up enough without someone like him spewing hate at them.I am more down on UW for inviting him!I think UW should put more thought into who they invite to OUR state.

mark m


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