Weekly Poll Question Addresses Failed Bill on Concealed Weapons

The Wyoming Legislature just wrapped up the 2010 Budget Session last Friday, and one of the bills that failed was the concealed weapons bill. The bill called for allowing people to carry a concealed weapon without a permit, and thousands of e-mails were sent from around the state in support of its passage. When it didn't pass, public outcry was strong. The issue prompted this week's Bank of Sheridan/Sheridanmedia.com poll question: "Should state legislators have passed the Concealed Weapons bill?"

Let us know what you think. Answer the question on our homepage and feel free to leave appropriate comments. Then tune in to the Jackson Electric Open Line at 9:10 Friday morning to hear the results on NewsTalk 930 KROE.

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Concealed Weapons without a Permit?

As a card caring member of the great State of Texas and a concealed gun owner, I beleive that we should continue to educate the public, encourage others to carry, but take a concealed weapons course to learn about gun safety, how to carry, where you can carry, and how you can aid the law enforcement officers in times of trouble. We are American's and the 2nd amendment entitles us to protect ourselves. Be safe.

Bill Cody

"aid the law enforcement

"aid the law enforcement officers in times of trouble"

I agree with most of what you said, however you might want to re think this one comment...

Unless you yourself are under direct threat, I would advise anyone who has a Concealed Weapons Permit to not get involved... Any attempt to be involved in a situation where you are not under direct threat, will make it harder for the rest of the people who would like to exercise their right in the future.

Getting involved will not make you a hero in ANY way, even if things seem to work out in that given situation.

Concealed Carry

I think you need to vote out these opponents to the second amendment and get back to the people getting involved in their civil rights preservation. People are discussed with this socialist agenda of suppressing our rights and like the rest of the nation we are sending clear messages to both the criminal and socialist community. The Second Amendment is the only right so identified by "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" think about it...

Republican caucus and Convention

The Republican Caucus and convention is this weekend, for anyone registered as a republican this is a great opportunity to bring up our concerns, and get involved.

Event: Sheridan County Precinct Caucus and ConventionDate: Saturday, March 13, 2010Time: 8:00AM - lunch from 12 – 1 (candidates invited to speak)Location: Sheridan Inn, SheridanContact: Kathy Coleman | 307-673-5264 | kshanor@yahoo.com


Don't get me wrong, I'm all for Constitutional rights, I am a lifetime member of NRA and believe that we all have the right to have guns, bows, and any other basic weapon...but to be able to carry a concealed weapon with out a permit is BS! Can you say "regression"....talk about going back to the time of the Wild West. Back to a time when anyone could carry a weapon any where for any reason whatsoever. What would that have meant for the legal professions? Talk about no choice but to start every arrest with near extensive force because you never know who would be carrying a loaded weapon. That would be placing every single citizen in the state of Wyoming in the "Armed and Dangerous" category for every single police stop! People who have a restraining order on them are not felons and so would be legally able to carry a loaded, concealed weapon. I don't know about you all, but the LAST thing I want to know is that a person whom I have a protective order on has the legal right to carry a concealed weapon at any time, any place, and the law has no clue that they have it! You were all losing it over the last two murders, with due cause of course, but had this passed those two would have only been the beginning! REALLY??? You people were having a fit over an armed officer being in the schools, but had this passed we would have seen more murders, more school shootings, and more outright violence. I can't believe that none of you can see this...it's plain common sense! Allowing adults to carry without permit would be like handing a disgruntled youth the gun and saying "here do as you please"...we would no longer have just one officer on the school grounds but an entire force...not to mention many more tax dollars lost on all the constant locker checks and k9 enforcement, all armed as well. If you think that we have a problem with juvenile delinquents now, just envision what this town, community, and state would have been like should these youths been able to gain access to a weapon and legally carry it...can we say "gang violence"...Seriously people, THINK!

J. S. Luckjohn


This is some of the silliest double-think I have heard in a while. "I'm all for Constitutional rights" but "be able to carry a concealed weapon with out a permit is BS." Permitting in itself is an unconstitutional infringement. Tell me what difference it makes if I have a permit for a firearm. Some bureaucrat knows I have a gun. Yippee! When they stamp out the 2nd Amendment they'll be sure to stop by my house and take my guns.

Criminals already carry concealed, why shouldn't law abiding citizens be able to?

"If you think that we have a problem with juvenile delinquents now, just envision what this town, community, and state would have been like should these youths been able to gain access to a weapon and legally carry it"
Are you kidding? Did you grow up in Sheridan? If some punk wants to get his/her hands on a gun, it's not hard.

"Gang violence"??? Haha...wow. Gangs start with criminals, bad seeds, irresponsible delinquents... Not law abiding, responsible gun-toting individuals.

This whole argument is nonsense....
If there is a rash of criminally inclined youth here, they can get guns much easier illegally in the first place. And if everyone could carry concealed, I should think that a criminal would think twice about trying to rob, mug, or whatever, seeing how that person may be carrying as well and may be a better marksman.

You're ignorant to assume

You're ignorant to assume that people will start shooting each other in the street if concealed carry is legalized. Do you really believe that the only thing keeping you from being shot at the grocery store is a law? You trust your fellow citizens well enough to maneuver multi ton chunks of metal at high speeds mere feet from you but you assume that they will kill you if they are allowed to put their coats on when carrying their pistols?
Police already approach citizens as if they were all armed and dangerous. I'm sure they realize that just because there's a law saying concealed carry is illegal doesn't mean that everyone abides by it.
You talk about going back to the times of the wild west I'ld bet you would be surprised to learn that you can still openly carry a handgun on the streets of Sheridan. You always have been able to. Most people just don't carry and I doubt that the concealed carry law would change that.
You're concerns about the school students is silly. The concealed carry law that just failed in the Wyoming legislature that John Patton voted down said that the law only applied to those over 21. Of course Patton wanted to feed on the fears of people like you so he tried amending the bill to allow 12 year olds to carry concealed.
If you really were all for constitutional rights as you claim you might realize that the constitution doesn't put any conditions on when how or where people are allowed to keep and bear arms. It states the the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. You might also realize that in order for you to be free you have to be more trusting of your fellow citizens.


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