Weather Shouldn't Hamper Construction Too Much

Mayor Kinskey says weather shouldn't hamper construction too much.
Mayor Kinskey says weather shouldn't hamper construction too much.

The recent winter-like weather is sure to slow down some of the various construction projects that the City of Sheridan has going on, but will it put crews behind schedule? Not necessarily, says Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey.

Kinskey said that it's always a good rule of thumb to slow down and exhibit caution in construction zones, especially if the weather is bad and road conditions are a bit dicey.

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North Main

North main has been in dire need of a rebuild for years, you can call it what you want, but i bet you drive on all the rebuilt streets all the time. Sheridan's infastructure is in terrible shape and I'll support city hall any day with rebuilding our streets and putting in beautification projects. After all, if the streets are in good shape and the place looks nice, my property is worth more.

Where would all these

Where would all these rebuilt streets be? There's so many streets in disrepair that the few street projects that have been completed amount to nothing.Of course you have to keep the streets leading to the senior center in top shape,because that's where kinskey gets his votes.

Wasting money on 27 blocks worth of decorative lighting and benches on a part of sheridan that is dead,because all business is on coffeen is just that, a waste.Especially when you're paying $2500 a light pole for fixtures that wydot gives out for free,but of course you can't expect the Debolts,Kuehl and Tyra to have to slum standard lighting.

Airport Road, Brundage Lane,

Airport Road, Brundage Lane, Brooks Street, the area east of North Main St. & north of 5th Street & the area around the cemetery to name a few. I'm sure there is more.

Would be nice to see the city continue this theme and develop the dirt roads north of 12th Street.

Well chris,Wydot paid out

Well chris,Wydot paid out the majority of funds for both the Airport and Brundage Lane and only after major pressure from the state and threats of pulling funding did kinskey take over any responsibility for those two streets.The State Engineer literally had to threaten Kinskey before council acted.

Brooks street would be the most critical project since it leads to the senior center.Which equals votes.

Concrete Walking Paths far out weigh the need for paved streets.Jim Wilsons path way dream must be realized at all cost.

Not sure that is a fair

Not sure that is a fair comment about Brooks St. Hasn't the other side of Main Street been done? The work on Brooks St. and some of those side street (i.e. Brundage) has been needed for a while.


EXACTLY!!! Grasses and flowers die, an arch...really? That money could be better utilized in so many others ways! It's just a waste and then on top of that, instead of putting Sheridanites to work, they chose to give the job to someone out of town...again what a waste!

J. S. Luckjohn

Lack of money hasn't stopped

Lack of money hasn't stopped kinskey from wasting money on needless projects,so why should weather have any effect?

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