Walk-In Area Rules Being Broken

The future of some Wyoming Game and Fish Department Walk-In Hunting Areas in Sheridan and Campbell Counties, could be in jeopardy. According to Bud Stewart, Sheridan Region Public Information Specialist with the Game and Fish, the actions of a few people not following the rules have prompted Access Yes Coordinator Troy Tobiasson to remind the public that access to these areas is a privilege. Landowner complaints have come in stating that gates have been left open, wrong species have been harvested, and signs that mark certain areas as closed have been ignored.

Landowners voluntarily agree to enroll in the Walk-In Program and can withdraw from the program at any time. In order to keep them open, hunters should follow some basic rules. Leave gates as you found them, pick up trash that you see, and make sure not to leave any of your own trash including bullet casings are just a couple of examples of what to do. For a full list of basic rules, look below

To keep these areas open, hunters should follow these basic rules:Leave gates as you found them.

Picking up trash that you see and packing out your own trash (including shotgun shell hulls and spent brass).

Leave carcasses and gut piles out of sight of roads and parking areas.

Stay on roads and don’t travel on roads when they are wet or muddy (park and walk as the landowner will have to fix the ruts)

Ensure fellow hunters are following the rules and report violations.

Thank the landowners if you contact them.


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