Vincent Scott Trial: Day Two Morning Testimony

Vincent Scott Trial: Day Two Morning Testimony

The 1st Degree Sexual Assault trial of Sheridan resident Vincent Scott continued Thursday with the Prosecution calling a handful of witnesses to the stand. They included the Sheridan Police officers that responded to the victim's home the following morning, and DNA and Forensic experts from the State Crime Lab in Cheyenne.

Both experts from the Crime Lab confirmed that samples in the Biological Evidence Collection Kit that was sent to them showed that Vincent Scott had indeed had recent sexual relations with the victim. The testimony contradicted Scott's initial statement that he had made to the investigators upon arrest; he had stated that he hadn't had intercourse with his ex-wife in over a week. State Crime Lab Forensic Analyst Michelle Martin testified that the amount of sperm obtained in the vaginal swab would have been much lower if that were the case.

The Prosecution rested its case shortly before noon. It remains to be seen if Defense Attorney Shelley Cundiff will call Scott to the stand to testify in his defense.

The trial is expected to conclude some time this afternoon. If found guilty of all six charges against him, Scott could face up at 70 years in prison.

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I agree. He should be put away for a LONG time. A child at any age shouldn't have to be put through that kind of trauma. Their mommies and daddies are supposed to make them feel safe. They shouldn't have to protect their mommy from daddy and worry that daddy will hurt them too. Breaks my heart!


yes, very very sad!

I read in the Sheridan Press

I read in the Sheridan Press that the 5yr old testified that he felt like he had to hit his dad to be brave for his mom. That is the saddest thing I have ever heard. This man is sick. For this child's sake I hope he gets put away for a long time.

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