Vincent Scott Trial: Day One

Vincent Scott Trial: Day One

The trial for Sheridan resident Vincent Scott got underway Wednesday in 4th Judicial District Court. Scott is on trial for an incident that occurred on November 7th, 2009 in Sheridan, when he allegedly sexually assaulted and battered his ex-wife in her home, and threatened her and their son's life. Scott is also charged with physically assaulting his son while he was trying to protect his mother.

In total Scott faces three felony counts; 1st Degree Sexual Assault; Aggravated Assault and Battery; and Child Abuse. He also faces three misdemeanor charges of Domestic Battery; Interference With a 911 Call; and Violation of a Protection Order.

During opening arguments, defense attorney Shelley Cundiff said that while the defendant may admit to five out of the six crimes for which he is charged, he did not commit 1st Degree Sexual Assault; she stated that the sex between Scott and his ex-wife was consensual. Prosecuting attorney for the State, Dianna Bennett, called five witnesses to the stand, with the most compelling being the victim and her son.

During testimony from the victim, she revealed that Scott had been hiding in her basement when she arrived home and threatened to kill her and her 5-year-old son if she didn't comply with his sexual demands. The victim stated that her ex-husband sexually assaulted her twice on the night of November 7th -- once in the presence of their son and their 3-month old daughter -- and that at one point Scott had held a knife to her face and threatened to take her life.

Testimony also revealed that Scott physically abused his ex-wife and their son repeatedly over a 12-hour period, and that the victim had attempted to call 911 shortly after 8 pm, but Scott ended the call and took her cell phone from her. A return call from the Sheridan Police Department Dispatch went unanswered. The victim called 911 again on the morning of the 8th to report the crime once Scott had left. Scott was arrested later that day at a residence at which he had been staying on Tschirgi Street.

Testimony will continue Thursday with more evidence and witnesses from the State. The trial is scheduled to conclude sometime Thursday afternoon.

If found guilty of all six charges against him, Scott could face up at 70 years in prison.

attack the messenger

wow! i was just stating what was on the sheridan media headlines! in typical sheridan fashion some of you chose to personally attack me. "perverse pleasure" steve i take exception to that. are u calling perverted? perhaps u need to block yourself? oh wait, those rules dont apply to you, to answer your question mr proudpapa , i come back because i love the open minded, friendly people in your lovely community. besides if i didnt point this out to you all, you would just continue to pat yourselever on the back and congratulate each other on what a fine city you have

I really think this forum

I really think this forum would be a lot better if everyone had to use their real name, and be verified to post just like a letter to the paper. There would still be a lot of great spirited debate and political disagreements, without some of the pettiness.

You are probably correct.

You are probably correct.


sadbuttrue, i think you still live in Sheridan and you are just being a troll. You've never answered my question about what you did for a living or lack of. Plus, from reading your posts I don't believe you have a PhD. Your writings are to ignorant for a person that is highly educated. As my father always told me "simple minds are easly amused".


wow zebra, such vicious personal attacks! couple points:

1. nope, not in sheridan any more, left end of the summmer, it was one of the most disgusting places i have ever lived in my life,Irac was friendlier that your city of hypocrites, drunks, liars,back stabbers...

2. indeed i do have a PhD, dont care what u believe or dont believe

3. ignorant writings? you are entitled to your opinion. i am sure if i called your writings ignorant i would get a lecture from Steve and a threat of blockage. Guess there are 2 sets of rules huh?

4 simple minds easily amused? yes, your dad was/is a smart man. i come here to be entertained by the 'simple minds"

As I said before, there is

As I said before, there is something perverse about willingly surrounding yourself with people you hold in such contempt and then complaining about how terrible everything is.

I suggest you leave the hypocrites, drunks, liars and back stabbers behind. Focus on where you are now instead of the place you couldn't wait to leave. Put this "backed up toilet" - as you've called it - in your past and don't look back. You and everyone else will be much happier that way.

Your recent activity qualifies as trolling. If it continues you will be banned.

I think anyone who makes an

I think anyone who makes an effort to loiter in a place they hate just so they can constantly complain about it has issues.

As I have explained to you and several other users who have made a habit of submitting obnoxious posts: If you don't want posts like the one you made in response to "mah" blocked - use your real name. If you continue to violate the site rules your account will be blocked.


what part was obnoxious? I just restated the headlines...

Your trolling on this site

Your trolling on this site has been obnoxious. If this continues you will be banned.

how bout

how bout u define Trolling.... also Obnoxious? Mine is:

Trolling: pointing out an challenging this i disagree with in others post

Obnoxious: not goin with the "good ole boy" mentality in Sheridan

You have no cause to continue to threaten to block me. if you do i will challenge ur authority at every level

A troll is someone who posts

A troll is someone who posts excessive inflammatory messages with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. These messages are not posted to encourage the exchange of information, but to merely continue the thread, often in an abusive and rude manner. Trolls post for the sake of posting, and their posts are such that they encourage more obnoxious replies.

Nearly every day, you post numerous negative comments across multiple pages, obviously in an attempt to rile up other visitors of the site. Several of your posts have been blocked for violations of our site rules. If this activity continues your account will be banned.

Crazy man

Maybe I am different but I am not provoked, insulted, disrupted, abused, riled up, by any posts on this site or any other public venue that I might hear someone's opinion. Maybe posts are a direct reflection of each persons fears, hopes, dreams, opinions, personality, etc.

Just because someone is being obnoxious or a D...head doesn't mean that someone needs to reply the same way. That really sounds like a co-dependent behavior. We all have control of own responses, own feelings, own life. Nobody can make anybody respond to anything. This is one of the great things about being free.

The individual posters do not need to participate in the internet discourse, if they do then they are part of the problem instead of part of the solution. Unless a person can post a solution then that would a positive form of partipation. Of course you have the ultimate solution of banning a poster, but I really think shunning works quite well. To each their own.
Isnt wikipedia great!!!!!

Trolls don't always get the

Trolls don't always get the reaction they are looking for.


negative or honest? reminds of a movie line " U cant handle the truth" I make comments like everyone else, i am not responsible for their replys, many of which are personal attacks which u over look cause they are probably your neighbours

Don't you remember? We're

Don't you remember? We're all neighbors in Sheridan.

Anyway, I think we understand each other so let's end this off-topic conversation and move on to something else.


I wouldn't ban him/her just yet. I think this person is terribly homesick for Sheridan.


Drunks, wife beaters and perverts are really hogging the news in Sheridan. Doesnt bode well for the travel brochure!

Mindless entertainment

The fact that your posts would even inspire someone to respond is very entertaining, kinda like bad television or fox news no one likes to watch or worse yet, watching the Denver Broncos try and play football. Almost disgusting but kinda funny in a dark humor way.

There are simple ways for the site moderator to keep these posts under control besides banning-ignore them, do not use them for a reference, take them for what they are, be indifferent to thier content. Eventually shunning of the posts and this person will stop posting. Yes, they are negative, but positive does not exist without negative. I enjoy the balance. I troll this site to read what all parties have to say.

In other words who cares what Sadbuttrue has to say? does it really make that much of a difference? is it worth even responding to? To me it was this time!!!! I have a simple mind:)I like reading about my friends on this site. Especially the police reports.

Travel brochure?

Do you also keep a Sheridan travel brochure? Maybe Sheridan is on your vacation travel plans?

This is everywhere my

This is everywhere my friend. What else is here? Maybe you should read the articles about the March Against Domestic Violence, Forward Sheridan, plays going on at the WYO Theatre, The Sheridan Broncs are #4 in the division right now, Mrs. Graves was just awarded Wyoming Top Teacher for the year, there have been several new businesses opened in Sheridan, and the Sheridan Generals will be starting their season......and these positive articles are just in the past 24 hours. Your outlook on life seems so negative to focus on all of the negative in a place or anything for that matter. Must be hard to live such a pessimistic life.


I usually ignore your whining about Sheridan posts, because it's obvious that you enjoy playing this juvenile game of trying to get a rise out of someone. As Mr. Sisson has asked NUMEROUS times...Why do keep coming to a news site, from a town you despise so much? Why? Just answer the question Mr. Sad.

He obviously gets some

He obviously gets some perverse pleasure in focusing on the negative.

I guess it's a good thing

I guess it's a good thing you're not in charge of writing it. I thought you left because you hated it here. Why would anyone in their right mind continue to come back to a place they despise so much?

911 Hang Up!!!

I thought that if there is a "911 Hang up" and the return call made by dispatch goes unanswered that an officer would be sent to the location that the 911 call was made from! Am I the ONLY person that is upset that this did not happen in this case?? This woman and her children MIGHT NOT have continued to be terrorized by this animal had an officer responded! Come on Sheridan, can't we do better than this????


Call back

If a "cell phone" 911 call is received, it does NOT say who the caller is or where it is coming from as the call is relayed through a cell tower.
The 911 system can display a set of close coordinates of the "phone's" location, only if the line is open long enough for the system to do so.
If dispatch does not have prior contacts with the phone number, and the call was too short, they would have no way of knowing who or where the call came from, and therefore would have nowhere to send an Officer.
This is a frustrating situation for the dispatch center as they try many avenues to try and locate the caller.
They don't just try to call back once and give up.
If you don't know the process, maybe you should ask and not criticize without facts.

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