Vincent Scott: Guilty on All Six Counts

Vincent Scott: Guilty on All Six Counts

Closing arguments in the 1st Degree Sexual Assault trial of Vincent Scott took place Thursday afternoon in 4th Judicial District Court.  The defendant chose not not take the stand and testify, and the defense did not put on a case.

Prosecuting attorney for the State, Dianna Bennett, closed by going through the events in order of occurrence on the night of November 7th, 2009 that lead to Scott being charged with six separate crimes. She also pointed out the fact that Scott had already served prison time for an aggravated assault charge in 2003, where he injured his ex-wife with a knife, requiring her to have surgery.

Bennett reiterated the State's position that the victim allowed the defendant to have sex with her twice that evening because she feared for her life and the lives of her two children that were present in her home.

Scott's defense attorney, Shelley Cundiff, argued that her client was not guilty of 1st Degree Sexual Assault because the details of that evening indicate that the sex was consensual, not forced. Cundiff attempted to discredit the victim's testimony by saying that there were inaccuracies with her story and that she wasn't clear and very forthcoming with investigators when initially filing the report on the incident.

Bennett's rebuttal was that Vincent Scott had been the one who was not honest, as he lied to law enforcement when questioned about the incident, and that just because the victim could not deliver the details of the events in a play-by-play fashion, it should in no way take away from her testimony.

The Jury began their deliberations just before 5 pm; at approximately 8 pm, the Jury came back with their verdict. They found Vincent Scott guilty on all six counts, which include Felony 1st Degree Sexual Assault, Felony Aggravated Assault and Battery, and Felony Child Abuse. Scott was found guilty of three misdemeanors as well: Domestic Battery, Interference With a 911 Call, and Violation of a Protection Order.

District Court Judge John Fenn ordered a pre-sentence investigation and said that a sentencing date will be set at a later time. Scott's bond was revoked and he was remanded back to the Sheridan County Detention Center. He could possibly face up to 70 years in prison for his crimes.

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Yeah! Justice. I just hope that the mother in this case doesn't fall back into the same type of relationship. Get some counseling for herself and her sweet little boy and provide a good, stable, loving home for herself and her children.

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